10 coolest designs of modern homes

Sleek lines, modern lighting, and open spaces are the hallmarks of a successful design. These homes show that with some creativity and patience, you can build an amazing house that is both functional and beautiful.

The following 10 designs are some of the coolest homes in recent years. Built by architects all over the world, these structures are not only attractive but also highly innovative in their use of space.

1) The Lighthouse House by NORD Architects:

Located on a tiny island off Norway’s coast, this modernist home has sweeping views across the water to Sweden’s coastline on one side and Norway’s mountains on its other three sides.

2) The H-House by Tadao Ando:

One of the world’s most famous architects, Ando is known for his concrete construction and minimalist designs. The H-House is one of his earliest works, and shows how he has evolved over time.

3) The Waterpod by David Garcia Studio:

A whimsical circular pod that floats on water! Featuring a decked platform and wood-burning fireplace, it is the ideal peaceful retreat.

4) The Tree House by Baumraum:

Built in Cologne, Germany, this whimsical structure gives the illusion of being several different trees connected together. Three walls are covered with ivy and climbing plants to create an almost monolithic feel.

5) Ecotech Marine Research Center:

Designed by architect Michael Ford and engineer Phil Pauley, this structure will essentially be a giant wave-powered generator. It will sit off the coast of northwestern Spain and use the ocean to provide renewable energy.

6) The Casa do Penedo:

This house looks as though it was carved out of stone. Located in Portugal, the structure is built on a rock formation and features a wide, sloping roof that looks as though it was hewn out of basalt.

7) The Blue Planet by David Garcia Studio:

Inspired by the famous “blue marble” photograph taken from space, this modernist home is located in Spain’s Cadiz province. It has an open floor plan and large windows that give you a gorgeous view of the surrounding countryside.

8) Millau Viaduct in France:

Millau is an interesting structure because, unlike other bridges, it spans a valley rather than a strip of water. The architects who designed this marvel had to take wind resistance into consideration when building the bridge across the Tarn River.

9) The Villa Tugendhat

This villa is a masterpiece of modernist architecture and its name has become synonymous with the phrase “functional elegance”. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, it was built in 1929 and features an open floor plan, large windows, and stone walls.

10) Flooded McDonald’s

This surreal inverted McDonald’s is actually an art installation by Florian Frese. Built on the outskirts of Stuttgart, Germany, it has been abandoned but its roof was replaced with clear plastic that allows you to see the various levels of the building as they slowly fill up with water.


The modern home is a space that can be both functional and beautiful. The designs of these 10 homes are some of the best in recent years, combining sleek lines, open spaces, and innovative use of space to create structures that are not only attractive but also highly memorable in their design. Which is your favorite?

For those of you who are interested in the interior designs of modern homes, I hope this article was helpful and provided some inspiration.