7 Beautiful 2 Rooms Flexi Interior Design Ideas

At some point, it will be obvious that maintaining a large home can be a real problem. It is a must-read if you are thinking about long-term investments. A person’s life is going to get older. It is hard to believe that there are some people who would rather be at an old people’s home than anywhere else.

The 2-room Flexi-floorplan is a perfect layout for families who want to maximize square footage and create more room in their space. The 2-room Flexi design has been gaining popularity in recent years and there’s no denying why: it maximises efficiency while still giving you plenty of living space. This article will help you explore 4 out of the box 2-room Flexi floor plans that have been designed with BTOs in mind!

Try open space

Your living room should be connected to the other areas of your home through open-plan spaces. The extra space in your 2-room Flexi flat design allows for more flexible living, with plenty of room for entertaining or working, making it ideal for anyone. With this design you’ll get a simple HDB 2 room flat interior design.

For those who prefer privacy

Consider having your walk-in wardrobe be your original bedroom. Then, no one will know you’re changing. You can have more privacy and do so without feeling like someone is watching or judging. And not only that but it’s a very economical alternative to a full-size sink because the vanity top can be removed easily when not in use.

Use rotating TV

If you are short on space and cannot fit both a television and a sofa in your living room, it is better to place the television in the living room than the bedroom. A flexible “wall,” might be what you’re after. This flexible, space-saving design idea works with any size of space. You can hang your favourite paintings on the opposite wall so you have a changing visual display on either side of the room.

Create a flexible room

Talk about space maximisation – with a hidden wall-mounted bed, you can create a flexible room anytime. The bed folds up to provide a useful work surface when needed. Attach a floating desk to the bed and the bed can double up as a workspace when not in use!

Use a pull-out kitchen island

People are often surprised when they see that there are many options for low-cost tables, including a dining table you can make yourself out of cardboard or pallets. Pull-out kitchens are a very practical addition that will help create space in your small kitchen. This type of pull-out design will still allow you to entertain especially in a 2 Flexi apartment. Guests will feel at home in your home if you offer them a table that can accommodate them and their children. It’s best to put it in the kitchen so you can easily access it.

Swap out rooms

For those who want a larger bedroom, consider converting the living room into a bedroom. If you’ve got a small space but need a bedroom, you may want to consider converting an old bedroom into a flex flat design. If you don’t like having your bedroom next to your bathroom, consider building a partition for extra privacy.

Don’t forget about the focal point

The ideal sofa is between two and five feet. If you prefer a Nordic look, an upholstery sofa can be used. You can find a sectioned-off area for your TV rack on a coffee table. If you have windows, you need both blinds and curtains. The bed needs to complement the look. Throw pillows to make them look better or as a focal point. There are many options when it comes to living room decorations.

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