313C Sumang Link Modern Industrial Theme 5 Room HDB Resale

Sumang Link Modern industrial theme 5 room HDB resale, the new trend to be the most popular housing is modern industrial style. This type of house is very common in modern industrial. But not only that, it also can create an impression of a modern lifestyle. In addition, the living room, kitchen and bathroom are integrated, which makes the use of space very effective. Not only that, but there are no partitions, and it makes the home space very large and comfortable.

This room is located in 313C Sumang Link. It is ideal for a family with good natural light and ventilation. The edgy environment is given life and outstanding visual intrigue by abstract design tiles! The home’s use of natural-looking wood and terracotta brick walls created a pleasant atmosphere that was the ideal foil for the striking light feature and black accents.

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