5 Inspirational Ideas To Help You Design 4-Room Flat Layout

Despite having a similar layout for the kitchen and living/dining areas, each of the flat HDB 4-room layout is different from each other with its own character and personality. Designed and customised to suit the needs of their occupants and owners, each home is different and unique.

The layout of your bedroom is one of the most important things to consider when looking for a 4-room flat in Singapore. If you’re looking for a new apartment, you need to make sure it has a good layout and design. When choosing and designing a bedroom, this article will help you make the right choices.

Building a false ceiling can be used to divide your communal zones

False ceilings aren’t necessarily your “thing”. But they’re a common feature in most BTOs. Divide up the space by using a false ceiling. If you like Japanese design such as the Muji style, to match the whole Japanese minimalism aesthetic, the feature is outlined with strips of wood.

Focus on specific areas of your 4-room layout

The first thing that comes to mind is that 4-room apartments are more expensive to renovate. A 4-room apartment interior design requires a larger investment than a 2- and 3-room unit. However, you don’t need to blow your entire budget on flashy elements.

Instead, you can concentrate on specific areas to strengthen. Subtle details are a great way to make your 4-room floor plan look more full. Whether you want to add some track lighting, wall art, or even some furniture, the choices are endless. If you want visual interest in your wood, try some veneered finishes. Veneered finishes add visual interest and are an excellent choice for your home whether you incorporate minimalist 4-room HDB design or not.

Create a convertible kitchen with bi-fold windows

It’s best to have a half wall or full wall in the kitchen. Bi-fold windows can be installed if the kitchen is in intensive use. Interior Times made full use of the convertible kitchen by putting a dining set near the sink so that the homeowners can plate and serve at the counter.

Expand your entertainment area in your 4-room flat

Is there too little room in the house? If you want to convert your guest bedroom into a dining area, you can put tables and chairs in it. It’s possible to create an entertainment center. You can switch out the flooring around the living area for tiles that match the kitchen. A built-in bookshelf can be used to hide the furniture in the living area of your room.

Use practical furniture

If you want to buy fitted or freestanding units, you have to make your first decision. The shape of your bedroom will help determine the type of bed frame or mattress you need: a box-shaped room will benefit from a king-sized bed.

It is better to choose furniture sets or an eclectic mix of bedside tables, bedroom storage units, and a freestanding wardrobe instead of a fitted unit for more standardized, older, and smaller bedrooms. It is possible to change things up with a freestanding option.

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