5 Ideas To A Clutter-Free 4-Room HDB Floor Plan

There are definitely advantages and disadvantages to living in a 4-room floor plan HDB, but more legroom is always a big plus. However, you should know how to maximize the space and create a pleasurable design in the eyes. Here is 5 clutter-free 4-room HDB floor plan you should know!

Minimalist look for your 4-room HDB floor plan

Black and grey is a timeless, stylish color palette for a modern living space. Sleek lines create visual interest and cohesion. Enhance your style with these bold shades. This is the perfect match. You can add a gold accent to your home to make it luxurious with the golden effect in the paint.

Use a simple color palette

Adding one or two pieces of furniture in a bright wash of colour will make your living space look more livelier. You can use colour to express your personality with your paint. A light shade of green is indicative of an outdoor lifestyle while a dark shade is indicative of an office environment. It’s important to use colors that are easy to apply.

Visually enlarge your space

You can add a little more space to your home by removing the full wall. You can replace the wall with a glass one in its place. The kitchen + service yard is a must-have for every small business. Then you can combine the kitchen and the service yard into one with a glass divider.

Expand your entertainment space

Not enough legroom in the living room? You can convert your guest bedroom into a dining area by hacking down the walls, setting up tables and chairs, and adding a bar for entertaining your guests. 

Or if you have the space, you can create a second sitting area in the living room. A dining table with seating for at least eight people is essential for a family dinner or entertaining guests. It also makes the most efficient use of space in the living room. If there’s no room for a full-size table, then make sure there’s room for at least one end table.

Add greenery effects to your 4-room HDB

Plant big, leafy potted plants and faux animal skin rugs around the house for a lushness of the jungle in your 4-room floor plan. 

Add a few plants to your living room, kitchen, or dining room. Plants will improve air quality, reduce dust mites, and add colour to your space copied from Kelly Oriental interior design. It’s also good to have plants in rooms that are used frequently. How to care for indoor plants Plants need water, sunlight, nutrients, and a place to grow. To keep them healthy, you should water plants regularly and feed them a liquid fertilizer every month or two.

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