Ways to Beautify Your HDB Kitchen in 8 Easy Steps

Did you know that having a catchy HDB BTO kitchen can increase your productivity? The more appealing look on our kitchen makes us enjoy doing domestic activities there. If you’re looking for a 4 room HDB kitchen renovation, then you’ve come to the right  place! In this article, we will discuss how to obtain an attractive 4-room BTO kitchen design!

No matter what kind of HDB BTO kitchen design you want, with proper help from a reliable interior designer, you will have your dream kitchen renovation! Specialized in home interior renovation, Interior Times will cater to your renovation needs with enjoyable services such as design consultation, cost effective and stylish designs.

Ready to get started? Here are 8 easy ways to beautify your HDB kitchen!

Going for an Open-concept Kitchen

This kitchen concept is the most general HDB kitchen design Singapore. However, an open-concept kitchen is one of the many ways that can give you a functional big or small kitchen design. A practical open-kitchen allows you to multitask like watching the kids as you cook.

Although this concept enables you to have cooking grease that is easily spread to the whole apartment, you can still prevent it by applying a kitchen hood and put the hob in the right placement.

Two Sides of The Kitchen Walls

Generally, the space in the kitchen is exploited by kitchen cabinets. However, having two different sides of kitchen walls with different functions can minimize the usage of kitchen cabinets. Not to mention, it also could give you more room to move!

To achieve this concept, you have to leave one side of the wall empty and let the other side have kitchen cabinets and other fixtures. Just add windows to the empty wall so that it allows the lights to shine in your stylish kitchen!

Zone Disseverance

One of the methods to renovate an old HDB kitchen design is to separate the wet and dry zone of the kitchen. Applying this design idea will allow you to have an uncluttered and stylish BTO kitchen design! To divide both zones, you can simply install a glass pocket door or a wooden divider!

All-white Surroundings

This HDB kitchen idea might not be suitable for those who like to do heavy cooking. But, for a lighter type of cook, all-white palette will be easy to clean. Applying this color scheme is also beneficial for revealing a wider space, so if you’re an owner of an HDB with limited space, giving this idea a try is a must!

Patterned Tiles

A 2-room HDB kitchen design will have a more limited space compared to a 5 room BTO kitchen design. Decorating a small kitchen with patterned tiles is not recommended because it will make the kitchen even look smaller. But, if you’re an owner of a condo or a 5-Room HDB BTO, you can add patterned tiles on one side of the kitchen walls to make it less dull and more sleek!

Floaty Kitchen

Keeping the kitchen cabinets and counter up the ground can easily give your kitchen a modern and beautiful look. To add an aesthetic visual, add LED lights behind the small spaces between the walls or floors and counter!

Classy Kitchen

Going a little extra for your old 4 room HDB kitchen design will never go wrong. Giving your kitchen a marble touch and advanced cabinet design can easily beautify your cooking space.

Country Chic

A country-themed kitchen is by means of having rustic style tiles and glass kitchen cabinets. A little bar area can also be applied to add a more elegant yet functional space for the kitchen!

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