4 Best 5-Room HDB Floor Plan Ideas For Your Family Home

Do you know the ideal layout for your family home? Are you thinking of relocating to a bigger place, like a 5-room HDB?

Your family home is your home and every single member of your family deserves to live in a comfortable and happy place. But sometimes, finding an ideal family home isn’t as easy as it seems. Choosing the HDB floor plan ideas for your family home is always going to be a big decision. It could mean making a compromise in terms of space and comfort. You need to think carefully about how you want your 5-room HDB design to turn out.

So, if you’re looking for 5-room HDB floor plan ideas for your family home, look no further! We’ve compiled a few lists of the best 5-room HDB floor plan ideas to suit your needs.

For Families Who Love To Host Dinner Parties

The first layout is designed for families who love to host dinner parties. The living and dining areas are combined into one large space, and the kitchen is located just off to the side. There is also a guest room that can be used as a study or home office. There could also be a private balcony where you can host parties or barbecues. And, it’s also nice to consider a 5-room open concept kitchen to make it more spacious.

For Those Who Love To Entertain On A Larger Scale

The living and dining areas are again combined into one large space, but there is also an additional family room that can be used for watching TV or relaxing. The kitchen is located off to the side, and there is also a guest room that can be used as a study or home office.

For Families Who Want A Bit More Privacy

For families who want a bit more privacy, some 5-room HDB design that can be adapted to your home can feature a separate living and dining area, as well as a private study room where you can get some peace and quiet:

  • Create separate living and dining areas

By creating separate living and dining areas, you can give your family more space to move around and have some privacy when needed.

  • Convert one of the bedrooms into a home office or study

If you have a spare bedroom, you can convert it into a home office or study. This can be a great way to create more space for your family and to get some peace and quiet when needed.

  • Add an additional bathroom

If you have the space, adding an additional bathroom can be a great way to give your family more privacy. This can be especially helpful if you have a large family or if you entertain guests often. However, if it needs to build an additional room in HDB, you need to ask for permission first.

For Families Who Need Some Extra Space

Do you live in a 5-room HDB flat and need some inspiration on how to make use of the extra space? We’ve put 5-room HDB floor plan ideas that are perfect for families who need a little extra room, especially since you have a bigger family:

  • Create a home office

If you work from home or need a space to study, a home office is a great option. You can use one of the bedrooms as your office and set up a desk, chair, and shelving unit.

  • Add a playroom

Kids need a place to play and exercise, so why not create a playroom in your home? You can use one of the bedrooms or even the living room to set up a play area.

  • Create a home cinema

If you love movies, why not set up a home cinema in your HDB flat? You can use one of the bedrooms or the living room to create a cosy movie theatre.

  • Set up a home gym

Keep fit and save on gym membership fees by setting up a home gym in your HDB flat. You can use one of the bedrooms or even the living room to fit in some workout equipment.

  • Have a guest bedroom

If you often have guests staying over, consider creating a guest bedroom in your HDB flat. This way, you can offer them their own space to sleep and relax in during their stay.

Design Your Floor Plans Based on What You Need

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