5 Inspirational 5 Room Ideas For Increasing Your HDB Value

The main types of accommodation in Singapore are HDB housing and non-HDB. The majority of people living in this city live in HDB flats. These are spacious HDB flats that are usually either open or closed. While there are 3, 4, and 5-room flats in HDB.  According to The Housing and Development Board, a 5-room HDB unit will give the homeowners more than 100 square metres of space.

Many Singaporeans live in flats and know the difficulties that come with them. To maximise your profit, it’s essential that you take a very close look at the space available to you and work out the best way to squeeze as much as possible into that space. If you have an idea for an interior design project, it’s important to consider not just the type of materials used but also the size of the house and your space constraints.

To help you design a spacious 5-room HDB BTO unit. Here are some 5-room HDB renovation ideas that will help you increase its value.

Make a dedicated area in an open space

There is no end in sight to the open concept. The system can fit different types of applications with the opening up of the home space. It is one of the best HDB interior design ideas because it has more room for things you love to do. You will have more room to relax, meditate, or do other things.

You can not install a divider between the areas. Leave the space the way it is. If you want to create a more secluded area in your home, you can either use tiles with different patterns to separate the areas or you can use a textured rug. You will want to separate your categories so they appear in their own area.

Create a more natural area

Incorporating some greenery in your home brings many benefits. Indoor plants are a great way to add beauty, practicality and a healthy atmosphere to any room. Growing your own houseplants is fun, rewarding, and rewarding! Planting your own indoor plants is easy and you can have your very own houseplants within a few weeks.

A planter is an easy, inexpensive way to personalize your workspace. Another idea is to place a statement plant in a corner of your room. Large plants work best in small, uncluttered spaces in your 5-room HDB. They’ll look especially nice next to clean furniture.

You’ll feel more complete and livelier if you have a blank wall or missing picture frame. Plants are used in interior design. They are a great source of fresh, bright and healthy natural light. Taking a walk in nature has health benefits, but we need to take time to spend it.

Reinterpreted the compact Japanese style

If you are working with a larger area, Japanese homes are the most popular. It is important to choose between a home that is sweeping or one that is a new plan approach! A living room that is as big and open as a kitchen, a stage platform, fabricated ins and a bed that spans the length of the room. The space looks larger with these additions. The space looks bigger due to the flush on each side. It’s better to try to recreate a 5-room HDB floor plan with this japanese style.

Don’t ignore your vertical space

A majority of homes don’t use their vertical space to its fullest potential. It seems like they are afraid to experiment and fear making their interior look full of stuff. It can be done to maximize your vertical space. Your attic or garage is a great place to keep your stuff.

A shelf display that extends all the way up to the ceiling is a great way to create a feature wall in your home. It’s a good idea to have shelves for decorating or storage because they give you a lot of space. You should make sure the shelving you pick fits the interior design. It’s important to plan your cabinets so that you don’t end up with a bunch of stuff.

There is an amazing addition to a kitchen with floating shelves. If you don’t have enough room for them, you can put them in a cupboard. When implemented in your bathroom interior designs or living room renovation plans, they make things sleek and stylish. It is possible to remove all of your bulky stands and rack and be able to move more easily.

Try not to use dark colors

Dark colors are a challenge to implement no matter the interior design style. If you don’t have any experience in interior design, dark shades make the space look more constrained. There are lots of 5-room HDB interior design ideas that include darker shades. If you want to make your home feel larger, brighter and airier, we recommend lighter colors.

You don’t have to stick to an all-white colour as your primary colour as it could be dull and clinical. Instead, you could pick a cream, brown or neutral color that matches your existing decor, or choose colors that you think would best suit the room It’s worth having a few items of each colour in your wardrobe if you don’t mind being the odd one out.

Bold colours are just one way you can stand out in the crowd of similar-looking products. It’s important to choose furniture that will be a good match for the space, whether it’s a bright-coloured piece of furniture or a feature wall. Otherwise, your HDB 5-room interior design may look overwhelming and overbearing in the wrong areas.

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