5 Ways to Decorate Your New Bathroom Design Singapore

Bathrooms are the personal space that we often use in the house, so it is important for us to make it as comfortable as possible. To have an elegant bathroom interior design in Singapore is not always difficult. In fact, it can be very fun and stress-free! If you’re planning on performing a toilet renovation, you can start to dive into Google search engine and find toilet design ideas of your choice!

As a property owner in Singapore, you are required to find HDB bathroom design ideas if you’re down for a little makeover to your new toilet. A credible interior design agency can help you with that. Engaging with an award-winning interior designer such as Interior Times Singapore will benefit you in performing a smooth renovation. We are always thrilled to give our guaranteed services such as build and install furnishings, and space planning, ideas, and conceptualization.

Still can’t decide which style to apply or what ornaments you should put on your bathroom? Look no further! In this article, we will provide 5 bathroom design ideas for you!

Pink-ish Look

Who says that pink is cheesy and childish for a toilet design? In fact, the soft pink palette in your toilet design Singapore will present an edgy look to your bathroom. Pink tones also will be suitable for your all-white bathroom fixtures and are very easy to clean! 

The color choice does not have to be all-pink. You can decor the toilet with other colors such as beige or silver to the marble finishing and then voila! An aesthetic and visually pleasing bathroom is finally yours!

Opt for A Better Lighting In Absent Of Natural Light

One of the most popular toilet renovation ideas Singapore is good lighting. Installing at least one window to your toilet design is definitely a must. This will prevent you from having a damp toilet and also will give you better natural lighting. Furthermore, a window can give you fresh air every time you open it!

It’s not always a natural light that could give you good lighting, an LED lamp behind or between the mirror can also be a good choice, rather than only depend on natural light! If you have budget leftovers, you can go for a fancy chandelier!

DIYs Furniture For Bathroom Space

Some of you might think that it is easier to buy well-built furniture than make one. But did you know that you can make your own bathroom furniture which obviously will cost you less money? Unused house features can be functional in your toilet. For example, you can place a ladder as a hanging rack!

A ladder put on a toilet is not included in small bathroom ideas Singapore since it will take more space and will limit the room for you to move with. However, if your toilet has extra space, adding a ladder to hang your towels can add a traditional touch and a more appealing look to your bathroom!

Lay Several Trays In Front Of The Bathroom Mirror

If you’re a skincare freak who has more than 10 bottles of skin and body care products, using trays in your bathroom is definitely a good idea. Trays will keep your toiletries neat and uncluttered. Moreover, the functional trays will not only give you a tidy toilet, but also will present you with an insta-worthy look!

Adopting trays in your bathroom is one of the trends from a toilet design 2020 which will never go wrong. A wooden or metal tray can be a good container for your bathroom tools. Additionally, trays are also able to add a functional yet simple look to your bathroom table.

Gold Touch

Silvery look on your bathroom knob, tap, or shower is so old-fashioned! You can change the general silver stainless steel accessories with golden ones as one of the best ways to decorate your new bathroom design! Furthermore, applying gold accents in your condo toilet design Singapore or your HDB bathroom design Singapore will present you a luxurious and elegant viewpoint.

Install wall mounted Toilet Bowls or compact fixtures

Floor area is of the highest importance in small bathrooms. Walled basins toilet bowls and kitchen cabinets are more suitable for a working area. Compact bowl and faucets require little space in the toilet and make the area look clean and neat. Best part: leaving the obstructions clear in the bathroom flooring makes washing a breeze and provides less chance for grime or mold to accumulate. Otherwise a compact basin and toilet bowl take up no space inside the space. Estimated cost: £1.1800 every year pound-for-cent.

Interior Times: Your Friendly Interior Design Associate

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