8 Most Popular Bathroom Renovation Singapore Trends

Thinking of having your HDB bathroom renovated? Then, you should pick the bathroom styles that suit your taste. A bathroom renovation Singapore provides many styles for you to copy. When it comes to bathroom remodeling, you can either choose to express yourself by selecting the styles that could describe your personality or you can go along with bathroom trends 2021. The choice is yours.

First thing to note when you’re about to give your bathroom a little touch is the interior design firm that you’re going to work with. It is noteworthy to hire the ID company that could listen and understand what you desire like Interior Times! Maintaining good communication is what we implied in every interior design consultancy. We believe that if we listen and understand our clients’ needs, we will achieve their expectations.

We are months away to 2022 and some of you still clueless about 2021 bathroom trends? Unbelievable! If you’re dying to know what are nowadays’ trends, down below we’ve compiled 8 most popular bathroom renovation trends that you have to know before we move on to the 2022 bathroom trends!

Toilet Renovation: Vertical Bathroom Tiles

One of the 2021 bathroom tile trends is laying the tiles vertically on the toilet wall. This renovation toilet type of tiling used to be a part of small bathroom trends 2020 for its ability to make the bathroom ceiling seem higher by a few inches. Stack bond tiles on toilet wall are also beneficial to create a more neat outlook to your bathroom and not to mention, it will contribute to highlighting other bathroom areas!

Staying-afloat Vanities

Being a Singaporean who lived in a 2-room HDB BTO is by means of having a limited space bathroom. The excellent way to solve a small bathroom problem is applying floating vanity to the bathroom! This bathroom vanity trends 2021 is very space-saving and functional since wall-mounted vanities can contain a sink or a countertop and a practical storage all in one!

The Vintage Way

The art of vintage vibes could never get old and will always be visually pleasureable. A little warm-toned gold could be the best color choice for a more classical look. Additionally, replacing silver stainless steel with gold fixtures can provide a nostalgic yet classy visual to the bathroom of yours.

Industrial Style

The amount of people who apply industrial-themed to their toilet is undoubtedly high and that’s why this style is one of the most popular master bathroom ideas. Industrial type of bathroom is absolutely the bathroom design you can’t miss out! The magnificent look it gives from the combination of exposing pipes, wooden accent, and metallic fixtures will excite your modern soul.

Grey and Wood

There are certain ways to create a classy and sleek bathroom and to have one, you can apply wooden accents and grey-painted walls to your HDB toilet. All-white design is actually one of the bathroom trends to avoid 2020 though many people still opt for that choice. If you’re not interested in applying bright colors, darker tones such as grey and black can always be a great choice!

Maintenance Services Bathroom Renovation: Compact Cabinets

For all of you who are craving for uncluttered spaces, wall-mounted compact storage is the solution! Functional compact cabinets or shelves are space friendly and will make your bathroom fittings more organized.

Open Showers and Tubs

Planning on expanding your bathroom space? Then, you should consider getting a bigger bathtub with an open shower! Don’t waste any chances and go for bolder bathroom furnishings! It’s ok to spend an extra budget for your bathing area as long as it comforts you.

Visionary Bathroom

Feeling cold during winter can decrease our mood to take a shower because the weather is unfriendly and super chilly. Now that the technology is getting advanced each year, there’s no reason for you to stop cleaning your body! An underfloor heating system can provide you with warmth and comfort to your frosty floor. A smart and high-tech bathroom is really suitable for those of you who like to enjoy the advancement of today’s technology.

After reading those trends, have you made up your mind to go with one of those trends? or do you wanna have a bathroom that could describe your personality? No matter what your decision is, Interior Times can be your bathroom renovation Singapore associate because we listen and understand your lifestyle, needs and wants.

Replace windows to let in more natural light

The default louvre windows most homeowners are provided with HDBs are usually a bit dim. Upgrade these glass panes to frosted glass to allow more light to enter. HDB also offers various rules concerning the type of windows and the materials according to the unit so make sure to check the unit with any contractor. The cost of updating these windows is considered to be roughly $1,000 per square foot. The estimate for costs: $2k per square foot. The most expensive option is replacing the bulky frame of louvre windows with the better-designed upper-hung windows. How to get more room light in any HDB bathroom is by using frosted windows.

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