5 Must Have Features in a Master Bedroom Design Singapore

After a long day at work, all we ever want is to lay in our most comfortable area at home: the master bedroom. A master bedroom can become the most enjoyable spot in our home if we have the right features inside it. Bedroom design Singapore can be the perfect reference for those of you who are looking for HDB cool master bedroom features!

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A perfect master bedroom design consists of the right and functional features. So, in order to have a decent master bedroom, there are master bedroom addition must haves. Here are 5 must have features in master bedroom design for you!

What’s in Master Bedroom?

Master bedroom essentials are the bedroom aspects that you have to put on your top list. You have to prioritize master bedroom essentials before any additional features especially if you have a wide-sized master bedroom. You have to know what to do with a large master bedroom in order to make it functional and cozy.

So, what should be included in a HDB master bedroom? A master bedroom has to have these features below.

Small Bedroom Sitting Area

Some people think that a sitting area is insignificant for a bedroom because you can just sit on the edge of the bed and it is also very space-consuming. However, a little sofa on the foot of the bed presents you a more stylish bedroom!

Besides a small sofa, you can also add a little chair and reading table with the back to the window to let the natural light shine on your book for a better reading experience. This concept can be one of the master bedroom with separate sitting area ideas.

Sparkling Lighting

After you found master bedroom idea that suit your HDB size, now it’s time for you to add another important feature: lighting. A natural light from a wide window can give you very good lighting for your master bedroom, but when the night comes or when you think the sun shines too brightly, you need additional lighting.

A light behind your mirror or under your vanity is probably the best choice for a room lighting. You can also add an eye-catching chandelier that hangs above your bed so it will give your master bedroom a fancy look! The aisle to your master bedrooms will also look more magnificent with supplementary lighting for it is one of the master bedrooms entryway ideas.

Walk-in Closet Bedroom Layout

Another small bedroom feature must-have is a walk in wardrobe. In terms of attire organization, a customized walk in wardrobe is definitely a go! It is an undeniable fact that having a well-built closet is the satisfying way to prevent your clothes from going all over the place. A walk-in closet can also be used as your dressing room. With good interior lighting and the right measurement, you can have both a dressing room and a cabinet!

Fancy Bedding

Bed is the bedroom’s aspect that is very significant in terms of cosiness. As the center of the room, you have to make sure that it looks as appealing as possible so that it could have everyone’s attention the first time they’re looking at it.

Actualizing master bedroom ideas is by means of purchasing a large-sized bed. It can be either queen-sized or king-sized bed. Choose it wisely and don’t forget to make sure that measurement is appropriate to your bedroom size. The placement of the platform bed itself has to be proper. Generally, the bed in a master bedrooms is placed in the middle of the room.

Glorious Wall For Bedroom Ideas

Boring with plain walls? Wallpaper and textured walls are the saviors! Giving your walls unique patterns and textures is one of the features of a master bedroom. It also can add a more classy look to your master bedroom. This bedroom decor idea can be your good choice if you’ve been dreaming of a luxurious master bedroom design.

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