8 Simple Bedroom Renovation Ideas that Cost Less Than S$6,000

As bedroom design has evolved, bedroom renovation ideas have also changed. No longer is it enough to simply update the bedroom to match the rest of your home. Nowadays, bedroom designs are more sophisticated and need a little bit more than just paint and new furniture in order to feel like a well-designed space. Thankfully, there are many bedroom renovation ideas that cost less than S,000 that will give you an updated look for your bedroom without breaking the bank.

Here we’ve compiled 8 simple bedroom renovations ideas with costs under S$6,000:

1. Layered Lighting

One bedroom renovation idea that is relatively simple to accomplish yet adds a lot of depth to the bedroom is using layered lighting. The bedroom can be illuminated by one source instead of two, thus creating shadows in the bedroom which makes it more atmospheric and interesting. As several layers are used, you have more freedom to create shadows, design layers and play with lights in order to get the bedroom looking exactly how you would like it.

A layered lighting bedroom renovation idea can be achieved by purchasing a chandelier or several pendant lights that have been selected for their shape. Then, purchase a dimmer switch so that you can control the amount of light emitted from these lights. This bedroom renovation idea can be done without too much expense as long as you shop around for good quality lighting that is also on sale, and then purchase a dimmer switch from a hardware store or home improvement center.

2. Adding Colour To The Walls

Another bedroom renovation idea that will cost less than S$6,000 is to add colour to the bedroom walls by painting it in a bright or complementary color. You can choose any color you like, all that’s important is that you love it! This bedroom renovation idea works best when the bedroom furniture and decoration are neutral – this way, your bedroom will look sophisticated yet uncluttered. If you want to add a bedroom set or bedroom accessories, make sure that the colours complement each other and do not clash.

To paint your bedroom walls, take a look for a bedroom renovation idea in our blog on how to paint bedroom walls.

3. Wall Decals In The Bedroom

Another bedroom renovation idea that is relatively simple to do and when done correctly, can add a lot to the bedroom is using wall decals. Wall decals come in all shapes, sizes and designs so it’s easy to find one that fits with your bedroom design. If you have a child’s bedroom or want something to liven up your bedroom walls, then you can choose bedroom wall decals that are fun, or bedroom wall decals with inspirational quotes or bedroom wall decals with an important reminder. These bedroom renovation ideas add personality and interest to a bedroom without breaking the bank.

Another bedroom renovation idea is to use wallpaper instead of painting your bedroom walls or applying bedroom wall decals. Wallpapering bedroom walls can be expensive so if you’re on a limited budget, this bedroom renovation idea might not be the best choice for you. However, if you have an uncluttered bedroom design and your bedroom is painted in one color, wallpaper can really enhance the look of your bedroom as it brings life to the bedroom.

4. Bedroom Rugs To Liven Up The Floor

One bedroom renovation idea that is cost-effective and adds a lot of personality to the bedroom is to get bedroom rugs or bedroom carpets. These decoration ideas for room help cover up an old bedroom floor, whilst also livening it up with vibrant colours and textures. You can choose bedroom rugs that complement bedroom wall decals or bedroom wallpaper, and you don’t have to worry about whether the bedroom rugs will clash with your bedroom furniture.

5. Bedroom Curtains To Hide An Ugly View Or Window

Another bedroom renovation idea that is relatively simple to do but adds a lot to the bedroom is bedroom curtains. They come in different colours, designs and shapes so even if you have an unadorned bedroom window, bedroom curtains can enhance this part of the bedroom decor while also offering some privacy. You do not have to worry about bedroom accessories or bedroom furniture clashing with bedroom curtains as their role is just to hide an otherwise bare bedroom window.

6. Floor To Ceiling Blinds

Another bedroom renovation idea that is cost-effective and offers good coverage for bedroom windows are bedroom blinds or bedroom shutters. Unlike bedroom curtains which cover only the lower half of bedroom windows, floor to ceiling bedroom shutters completely block out sunlight from entering your bedroom in the morning. While bedroom blinds are not as effective in blocking out sunlight, bedroom blinds can still provide you with privacy and at the same time bring a touch of warmth to your bedroom decor.

7. Bedroom Wall Art To Liven Up A Bare Wall

A bedroom renovation idea that is simple yet effective especially if there are bare bedroom walls, bedroom wall art bring personality and interest to bedroom walls. Framed bedroom posters can help brighten up a bedroom as well as giving personality to the bedroom. You can also consider buying bedroom wall art that comes with a frame which you can then hang on bedroom walls instead of keeping these bedroom decor items in storage. Bedroom wall plaques and bedroom wall crosses are other bedroom art items that can go on bedroom walls and add character to bedroom walls.

8. Bedroom Lighting To Illuminate And Warm Up A Room

Bedroom lighting is one bedroom renovation idea that should definitely not be missed as it will help make a bedroom more inviting as well as creating an atmosphere of warmth and intimacy. This bedroom renovation idea can come in the form of bedroom chandeliers, bedroom lamps and bedroom wall lights just to name a few. Bedroom lighting is not as expensive as bedroom furniture so if you’re on a limited budget, this bedroom renovation idea is definitely worthwhile trying out.


We hope you’ve found this article helpful in thinking about bedroom renovation ideas that are affordable. It can be difficult to find bedroom decor items within a set budget, but these bedroom renovation ideas have been vetted by our team of experts and they offer an economical way to spruce up your bedroom without breaking the bank!

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