5 Tips for Finding the Best Interior Designer in Singapore

Probably, one of the hardest things in life right now is how to choose interior designer Singapore or find the best interior designer Singapore, especially if you are planning to decorate your home renovation in the near future. This dilemma often happens because there are several best interior design companies in Singapore that can be created by best interior designers companies and here you might find difficulties finding an agent that can fit your needs.

Yes, it is true that Singapore saves up some top interior design companies, but one you can actually contact with is Interior Times! We believe that creating a beautiful home renovation for you is our priority, thus, we will plan, prepare, and optimize everything to ensure the job comes out exactly as was intended.

Interior Times appears as an interior design company that is an interior spaces expert and is able to give you a reasonable price for making interior design accessible and flexible to suit your budget and needs. Do not need to hesitate about our reputation because we already have several awards regarding interior architecting and professional designers. Contact Interior Times and you will find the answer to all your worries of realizing your dream home renovation design!

How Do I Choose an Best Interior Designers Singapore and Find a Reliable Interior Designer as well?

Having a dream of a home is not wrong at all. You can actually list your needs and let the Singapore interior designers help you arrange your plan into a residential and commercial projects that will result in amazing work. But first, you need to understand the aspects on how to find a good interior designer in Singapore. What are those aspects? What should you know? Check them out!

HDB Licensing

Okay, first things first, check the HDB licensing. The HDB licensing will help the interior design company to design your home with nice, proper guidelines. Without the licensing, the interior designer that you find might have not yet tried interior design projects or is a new company in town. So, all you need to do as your first task is to double check the HDB licensing to make sure that the company is already registered in HDB.

Ask the Company’s Specialty

Usually, some companies only focus on particular types of home style. For example, one who chooses to design a farmhouse, office space with rustic design or industrial homes, or even prefers to do a project on residential clients and retails. Make sure you have your own dream of home style and show it to your future interior designer. If they can match with your needs, then that designer is absolutely the one for you.

Talk about Payments

Does the interior designer ask you to pay up front, ask for deposits, or else? Pay attention the the payments they acquire you to do. But, one thing you should remember is that do not trust a company that asks for a 50% for a first payment because it might turn out to be a desperate company who runs out of clients or funds.

Create a Timeline to Communicate

A trusted interior design company will try to stick to the plan or deadlines. If there are any issues or delays, make sure they talk to you right away by asking you to communicate directly. Ask them whether they need to reschedule the timeline as both of you have planned before or not.

Also, this is when to  engage interior designer. You need to ask to communicate with them just to put out all of your plans and ideas of your dream home. And if you contact Interior Times, you will get guaranteed work from us. Besides offering you cost effective and stylish designs, you can always give us your ideas, and we will sort everything out in order to create the best design for you!

Interior Design Portfolio Singapore

Last but not least, check the portfolios of the interior design company that you approach. You can try to look at the portfolios online through the official website before deciding to ask them to work with you. 

How Much Does an Interior Design Company Cost in Singapore?

So, how much does interior design cost Singapore? Entire process might cost approximately $11,000 and $15,000 for an HDB flat interior designer. And about $40,500 or $106,000 for an interior designer who is an expert for renovating a condo. But, have no worries in mind because if you choose Interior Times as your ultimate interior designer, you will definitely obtain a cheap interior design Singapore with high quality of work!

Interior Times, Top Interior Designers

Come to our showroom at 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62 or simply give us a call. You can also check our award winning company portfolios through our official website on http://designyourhome.interiortimes.sg/. As best interior designers, we assure you, with Interior Times, you will get a reasonable price, guaranteed works, and best quality of your dream home design. Ready to create an astounding home? Interior Times will always be here to plan everything with you!