Should I Get A Cheap Bathroom Renovation?

When it comes to owning a condo in Singapore, you’ll soon realise just how important it is to keep modernising the place. Constant changes to architecture and technology ensures that you get to spend a lot of time looking at what you could change. In the ever-evolving world of condos, this often means making tough decisions. For example, should you upgrade your bathroom?

And if so, should you go for an expensive renovator or one of the various cheap condo bathroom renovation options in Singapore? 

In this case, the latter often works out best.

Cheap does not always mean poor

Many people associate the word cheap with tackiness and a lack of quality. Cheap often means that it might look good today, but your bathroom will show obvious signs of wear and tear in a few years. With a more expensive renovation quote, you might feel more insulated from the risk of wear and tear, warranty, and poor craftsmanship.

However, as is often the case, quality comes down to far more than just the cost alone. If you are looking to make sure that you can spend less on your bathroom renovation, you just need to look closer into the company themselves.

The cost of a job does not always indicate that the job is going to be better than something cheaper. It really comes down to looking closer at who is doing the renovation, and why the costs might be more affordable.

It could come down to the number of jobs they have taken on, their experience in the area, or their access to suppliers for each bathroom piece that you need. You should avoid assuming, though, that simply paying more will mean that you are guaranteed to get a better, longer-lasting job.

It pays to hire someone who understands your limitations

The first thing that you should be looking to do is make sure that you can understand what you dislike about your bathroom. Many people go for an expensive bathroom renovation but can’t really tell the developers and renovators what they like/dislike. Therefore, you should take the time to look closely at your property and determine what has to change.

This is so important, as it will ensure that you are left with a property that you can better explain. The more information that you can give to a renovator, the easier it is for them to build your vision without the need for any second takes. Good, constant communication between yourself and the renovators is often the key to making sure that you can better understand the limitations of your bathroom as it is today.

Not only will this help making sure you can get a better bathroom easier, but it will ensure that you can easily hire someone again in the future without any uncertainty. It also means that you will have a clear idea about what you do not wish to see when the renovation is complete.

Have a starting budget in mind

While you always want to hire someone who can do cheap bathroom renovation in Singapore, keep a budget in mind. Expensiveness really comes down to how much you are willing to pay to complete the job. This is a big part of why we recommend that you have a clear starting budget in mind. You should find it much, much easier to start dealing with the idea of what is costly and what is affordable.

For example, you might have set aside a fee of X to get the bathroom renovation done. You should look to stick to that figure, and avoid going over it. This is the figure that you can afford to spend on renovation, making sure that you can very easily pay for the renovation without putting yourself under any needless financial hardship.

This also gives you a good place to draw the line on when you think a contractor may be too expensive. If you can find someone with a good reputation who has the ability to carry out your renovation for less, then you are in a great place.

Always investigate very contractor you consider hiring

The first thing to do is check out their online portfolio. Do they have much in the way of a website or social media presence? Do they have easy access to good quality examples of work that they have already done?

That is a significant part of the process for many people. It’s about making sure that you can hire someone who comes with a solid reputation; someone who you can really trust to get the job done. That is why so many people look to investigate contractors accordingly; it gives them a better idea about the quality of the job that will be carried out.

Check online testimonials and get in touch with the company yourself. Find out how they react to your project specifications and try to arrange a consultation. Most companies will offer a free consultation about the renovation project. This makes it much easier for you to work out how suitable they will be to work with, and how likely it is that you can find success.

It’s a big reason why we recommend paying attention to everything from their portfolio to their personality when you meet one of their staff.

Picking up cheap condo bathroom renovation services

When you are carrying out due diligence on any potential expert to help you out, we recommend that you contact our team here at Interior Times. We are vastly experienced in bathroom renovations in homes and in condos.

This helps you to hire someone with a strong reputation, an affordable price list, and a determination to put your dreams into practice. We listen and we learn about your bathroom renovation needs, and we implement them as best we can.

If that sounds like the kind of help that you need, then contact us today; we would be more than happy to assist you. Just let us know where your budget lies, and what your ambitions are, and we’ll show you exactly what we can do to help you out.