Condo Design Experts Singapore

Looking for the best in Condo Design in Singapore? Look no more!

We offer a large range of condo renovation facilities, catered to the specific needs of our discerning clientele. We offer only the best service and the highest quality of our products and services.

Understanding the client:

We realize and take into account whom we are working with. Whether it’s someone who’s newly moving into a condo in Singapore and wants their first Condo interior design or someone’s who’s looking to upgrade their living space. We work with each client individually, according to their specific needs and work to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

But how is a Condo even different from an HDB design?

  • Design Constraints: While there is a lot you can do in an HDB, it is almost impossible to change the structure of the HDB home
  • Space Constraints: With an HDB you are bound by the total living space where each element has to be optimized for use. However, in a condo, you can have more freedom to design your space
  • Uniform versus Varying: in an HDB you only have one theme that stays very constant throughout the property, while in a condo you can stay within the same theme while still creating living spaces like the living room that adds a taste of variety to the same theme. Or maybe a new spin on the same idea, so that your home doesn’t become bland.
  • Personalization: Whether it’s being designed to be pet friendly or having little reading corners all over the home, condos made with the right mindset can be in a completely different league than a simple HDB flat
  • Exclusivity and Privacy: As condo owners, you want to own something which can be a place worth looking at and living in. Part of the exclusivity is having a home interior design that speaks about you.
  • Discerning and Uncompromising: Condo owners don’t just want a cheap deal that kind of looks good enough. They have high standards and not all firms can meet them. So firms like us who have attention to detail as a default value and provide the kind of services that our esteemed customers expect what do we offer in Condo design and renovation?

We have a long history of satisfied clients. We can truly fall back and use our expertise and experience in designing challenging and complicated tasks. We have always had a belief that with time we can and must get better. So with every project, we learn and continue to grow and become more and more qualified for future projects. We do not consider any project as small or trivial and we pay individual attention to each of our customers. Here’s a sample list of just a couple of the themes that
we can easily design for, as per your specifications:

  1.     Earthy tones for a homey feel
  2.     Green and mild for a nature-inspired look
  3.     Chic and elegant to match your personality
  4.     Bohemian chic for a modern look
  5.     Metallic for a quaint look
  6.     Marble overload for a smooth living experience
  7.     Open and transparent for a breathing living space
  8.     Timeless for classic beauty
  9.     Quirky for the artist in you
        Black and Contrast for the select few who want something unique

How do we do things?

As with any project, your voice matters more than ours and these are just some ideas to get your creative juices flowing. We are always here to help you map out the perfect design for your dream condo. Here’s an idea of how we do things:

  1.  A detailed discussion with you about your lifestyle and what you are looking for in your ideal home, what’s missing with your current interior. Also what type of functions you are looking for and what are your aesthetic preferences.
  2.  After we have a rough idea we present you with an idea of what would work perfectly for your needs. After finalization, we show drawing proposals and what materials we plan on using.
  3.  Once a consensus is reached we can give better estimates of how much time each component of the project will likely consume.
  4.  Some technical details will be confirmed like gas, electric wiring and any permits we might need will be discussed.
  5. Once the project starts we take end-to-end responsibility to truly make your dream home come alive. We do on-site supervision and take pride in the quality of our work and our dependability.We understand that not one size fits all, so we can discuss costs even before the final plan is ready. We like to work according to our customer needs and our process flow can be adjusted to suit your needs.


Condo designs are each unique but we also have templates like toilet renovation and kitchen renovation to give your home a new look by you simply choosing exactly what you want and avoiding the long hassle of discussions. consultants for Interior design and renovation In Singapore are not hard to come by, however, if you want a brand you can trust then you should talk to us. We can build premium homes, on time, and up to your high standards. We understand that above all it a living space and our work must act to increase both the monetary value and usefulness of the space.