Condo Renovation in Singapore

A condo renovation in Singapore is a big task, especially if you plan on renovating your entire condo. Throughout the process, you will have to make many big decisions and it will also require a lot of planning in advance to guarantee a smooth experience. Whilst this is a complex job, the results are definitely worth it. Once the final coats of paint have dried, you’ll have your very own home, one that was designed based on your requirements and vision and one that you’ll feel comfortable in.

With a detailed enough plan, it is possible to completely remodel your condo with no trouble at all. Here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before you decide to renovate your condo.

1. Know the Renovation Rules

Before you begin any planning of your renovation it is crucial that you understand the rules of your building’s association. Condominium buildings will often have their own set of requirements, which will include things such as the materials you can use, the overall look of your unit as well as the timeframe of the project. In addition to this, some condo boards will often require a permit or design approval. Make sure that you are aware of the rules of your building in advance so that you plan your renovation timetable appropriately.

If you stick to the rules from the very beginning, you will more likely to have the board on your side. In addition to this, you may even have the day-to-day property management team available to help. As long as you stick to the rules, the team who work at your condo will be more than happy to provide you with any assistance that you require.

2. Know Who You are Renovating the Condo For

After finding out what the condo board can allow you to do, you can now begin to think about who you are designing the condo for. This will depend on whether or not you are planning to reside in the condo yourself, or do you plan to rent it out or sell it to another owner. Before you start, figure out your top priority. It is also important that you need to work out how long the job will take. This will ensure the smooth completion of your renovation project.

3. Be Realistic

When working on any interior design and renovation in Singapore, it is always important that you know your limitations. You do not want to create a set of plans which will fall through once they have been put into action. For example, there may be some architectural structure plans which are simply not possible. If you are unsure as to what is and isn’t possible, you can always hire a consultant. This consultant will make sure your plans for the condo are realistic and possible to complete within the timeframe you have for the project.

4. Limit Moving Your Fixtures

Unless you have a particular fixture that you really don’t like, it is always best to keep your fixtures in the same place. Relocating your fixtures can cost a significant sum of money. It might take up quite a bit of your time as well. Both of which may be limited during your project. Therefore, we suggest that you leave your toilet where it currently resides. You can always add or remove a second sink, however we suggest that you make design changes in areas that are spacious enough for you to work on.

You can also blend new design elements with older ones, as this can often result in intriguing and unique designs. This will help to take the eyes to a particular part of the room such as a piece of art. This can be achieved with a minimalistic design. Do not clog up your apartment with a ton of fixtures, not only will this not look good, but is unlikely to be practical either.

Most importantly, make sure that you have fun. Interior design and renovation are a great way to express yourself in your own home and a great way to love the place where you live. Enjoy yourself throughout the process and try not to stress about the little things. It will all come together in the end!