How To Choose The Right Foyer Partition Ideas For Your Home in Singapore

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What is a foyer partition wall?

A foyer partition wall is an architectural element used in entrance areas. It is usually a freestanding section between the hallway and other rooms, such as the living room ideas or kitchen.

Foyers are often decorated with mirrors and chandeliers to make them more spacious and bright. They serve as a transition from the outside world to the inside of your home.

Choosing the right partition wall for your home and living room

Choosing the best partition wall for your home requires a lot of considerations. Today, solid core doors are the most popular option for their easy cleaning, noise reduction and durability.

Solid core doors made of various materials have been used for thousands of years. They were very common in ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome. In fact, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Colossus of Rhodes, was built from massive wooden planks held together with iron strips.

Later doors started to be made from thick pieces of wood called laths, held together with iron bands that had a wooden center strip. Then metal stripswere used to replace the wooden center strip. This led to the development of the wrought iron door, which was very strong and did not rust. The invention of steel in the 1800s allowed for stronger doors that were less likely to warp or twist.


foyer partition idea Vertical wood slats

To add a bit more interest and flare to your design, go for vertical louvers. Not only does it look good, it also allows ventilation and light to pass through. That’s a double win-win.

The slats are black at the bottom so that they look like matchsticks.

foyer partition idea Ventilation Blocks

The facades of architectural projects are used to invite air into the building. They can be used as a room foyer divider. A small amount of light can be allowed to pass through a quirky feature wall.

Additionally, they can be used to create an interesting backdrop for photographs or art. Facades are not just for looks. They can also be functional. The green facades in the image above act as a screen to keep out the sun and rain while allowing some light to pass through to the interior of the building. L

ight is the primary ingredient necessary to create an inviting and desirable space. Unfortunately, much of the light we enjoy today was created hundreds of years ago. As a result, many of the spaces we inhabit every day are very dark and oppressive.


foyer partition idea Shelving

In smaller kitchens, it’s often necessary to double up your shelves to make room for more storage. These are the kind we like:

The study is partially concealed behind a bookshelf.

foyer partition idea Framed glass panels

A glass panel foyer divider is a great choice if you need a “cool” (not cold) modern divider that will add visual appeal to your space and allow plenty of light to reach all areas. It’s both timeless and contemporary, and works well in smaller spaces where the lack of bulk doesn’t take away from the livability of the area.

Moreover, glass panel foyer dividers are easy-to-install. The panels can be hung using either 1-1/2 inch or 2 inch mounting screws, and once installed, they’re virtually invisible. Panels should be at least 1-1/2 inches thick (if using 1-1/2 inch screws) and 8-1/2 inches high for maximum light penetration. However, glass panel foyer dividers come in a variety of thicknesses and heights, so if you have a particularly tight space, you may want to opt for a lower panel.

Bi-fold glass panels enclose the kitchen from the rest of the home when necessary.


foyer partition idea Metal grilles

The metal grilles are perfect for adding interest to the space. If you want your grilles to be powder coated, you need to make sure they are.

Plus, you need to make sure they are painted black first. Don’t forget to measure twice and double-check that the measurements are correct. The grille is a little over two feet tall, but don’t worry. It’s not going to hurt anything.

However, if you have taller ceilings or you are doing the work yourself, you might consider cutting it down a little. Don’t paint the grill until you are sure it is going to fit where it is going to go.

A metal grille sits atop a cabinet, serving as a foyer divider between the foyer and the rest of the home.

Some considerations you need to take when choosing a foyer partition wall

Foyer partition is becoming a popular option for professional offices and home. It can make an office space more productive and improve the overall look of the interior design. For these reasons and more, many offices have turned to foyer partitions to help them get the perfect decor for their business. Here are some considerations you should take when choosing a foyer partition idea for an office or your home.

– How big is your space? Is it a studio or one that fits a large family? If so, you want something with lots of “oomph” (volume) that will create a real wall of sound. If not, go for something smaller that will give you the “zing” without taking up too much room.

– What material is your space made of? If it’s wood, you should go for a particle board partition instead of a sheetrock type partition wall. This is because the particle board will flex more allowing your music to travel farther and reach those far away ears. Sheetrock on the other hand is very dense and deadening. It won’t flex at all and will therefore deaden (dampen) the sound.

  • What kind of finishes does your space have? If it’s wood you can go for a plain old unfinished look but if it’s non-wood, such as drywall or plaster, you should
  • Needs to be strong and rigid so it doesn’t flex when someone knocks on it
  • Needs to be painted the same color as the walls (or a bright contrasting color)
  • Should have a minimum of three panels and should allow at least 1-1/2 inches clearance all around (between the panes)
  • Needs to be durable so it can withstand constant use
  • Needs to be attractive so it won’t cause your visitors to frown
  • Needs to be easy to install and remove
  • Needs to be easy to paint
  • Seating so that it is easier to put on your shoes
  • A closed storage unit to store all your shoes and grab-and-go things. You can use the tabletop for display too.
  • Accents like artwork, statement pieces, mirror or even flowers
  • Lighting fixtures like pendants and chandeliers
  • A simple rack for your coats, bags and umbrellas  

Making the best decision!

We hope you enjoyed our foyer design ideas. If you want to implement one of these foyer divider or entrance divider ideas for your foyer, look no further. You can schedule an online consultation with InteriorTimes if you want to find more inspiration. The top priority is to deliver safe and quality home interiors.