The Ultimate 7 Ideas BTO HDB To Beautify Your Bathroom

The bathroom should be left as an unimportant place rather than a high-end room. Don’t just buy the standard package of bathroom products in order to create a more relaxing environment. You can make your bathroom unique by making it more relaxing and enjoyable. If you prefer a modern design for your bathroom renovation project, you can add more than one bathroom.


You don’t have to stick to the usual when it comes to your bathroom renovation project. You can add more than one bathroom, and you can even make your bathroom very modern if that’s what you prefer. Here are the ultimate 7 ideas to help liven up your HDB BTO:

Monochrome look with a mix of unique shapes

The use of tiles, shapes and patterns in HDB Singapore creates a chic, stylish feel to make an HDB simple toilet design. The bathroom stall has wooden-effect tiles that impart a hint of warmth. You can paint the walls black or white to fit in with the colour scheme, and add some edgy, modern-contemporary style.

Go all out with white 

White doesn’t absorb light, rather it reflects it. Adding white bathroom accessories and fitting will make your toilet look bigger. It’s a common toilet design but still highly used for HDB in Singapore. It makes your toilet look ugly if you don’t clean this kind of toilet regularly. It’s not necessary to clean the tub with a brush or use harsh chemicals, you can use a mild soap and let the water do the work.

Green bathroom

Artificial plants or real plants are better for your HDB bathroom. Artificial grass lines the original pipe concealment panels in a bid to disguise them while also making them feel less sterile.

Use floating vanity

Floating vanities are a great solution to space-constrained bathrooms. In order to make a bathroom appear bigger and freer, install a pair of matching over-the-door shower stalls. Although having more space is generally an advantage, it might not be a huge benefit to use that additional space in tight spaces. In addition to providing easy access to your things, the bag has plenty of space to hold your daily necessities.

Use open concept bathroom

If you want to give your bathroom a makeover, then consider a design that opens your space up with sliding glass walls. With this, you don’t have to spend a fortune to create a room that feels as if it were a luxury suite at a top-rated hotel.

Don’t waste natural lighting

Bathrooms are great spaces to get creative and make your own. Opening your space up and using light can really make a difference. The problem with HDB toilets is that the windows are so small, that they look like ventilation shafts. Don’t put plants or laundry near windows to keep this from happening again. It is hard to see in a bathroom. A brighter space can be created by using glossy and light-coloured surfaces.

Use focal points

The mirror and Vanity cabinet with other accent pieces give your bathroom an eye-catching, unique touch. They can add depth and interest to any room, they stand out against dark walls and floors. 1 or 2 pieces are great but don’t go over them especially for small toilet design ideas. It will make the bathroom look cluttered. 

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