Are you one of those who have the perception that HDB flats can never look like those private condominium units? People often think that condo designs are classy and sleek while HDB are plain and boring. Well, HDB units can look as good as condo designs too. If you live in a HDB and want your home to look like a condo, it is definitely achievable but first, you’ll need a good HDB interior design company! 

Swiss Interior provides a wide array of HDB interior design services for homeowners in Singapore! From Scandinavian to minimalist, eclectic to industrial designs, we have successfully completed more than a hundred different kinds of HDB renovation projects for our customers with hundreds of five-star reviews. 

If you think an HDB apartment is boring, we urge you to think again! With us, you will be surprised at our expertise to turn a boring resale unit, or a bland HDB BTO unit into one which matches your expectations of a dream home. 

HDB Interior Design Ideas

You can transform your small housing unit into a beautiful space by adding the elements of a contemporary homes. Living in a HDB means having communal spaces; you may not be able to completely transform your exterior because it is a shared space, however, no one can stop you from transforming your interiors to suit your personality and taste.

HDB interior design planning can be challenging due to its limited space. It takes expertise developed over many years of experience to be able to find a balance between aesthetic and functionality while focusing on space optimisation at the same time. With Swiss Interior, we can help you achieve this balance through the use of suitable home decors and furniture. Regardless of your housing unit size, we will transform your home into a beautiful reflection of your style and taste. Our team of interior designers, with our expertise and experience, will be able to offer you solutions to any of your housing needs. Whether it is a BTO flat or a resale flat, we can help you to upgrade your current boring HDB interior.  

Things To Consider Before An HDB Renovation Project

HDB units are the most common form of housing in Singapore. With over 1,000,000 units spread out over 24 cities and 3 estates, they are certainly an iconic part of the Singapore culture. While there may be restrictions regarding any alterations to your HDB unit, you can definitely embark on some creative renovation works to make your HDB unit stand out.

Here are some tips to take note of before engaging us for your HDB renovation project:

Planning and Budgeting: An average interior design project is not cheap, and cost an average of $30,000 to renovate a 4-room flat. It is important to have some spare budget kept aside for emergency during the renovation. For first-timers, you can check out more about the eligibility and HDB grant amount here. 

Style preference: It is important for you to communicate clearly what your ideal design is to your designers, and shopping around for other interior design projects such as those on Qanvast or Houzz can certainly help. 

HDB Guidelines: In Singapore, most HDB works are being overseen by the Housing Development Board of Singapore (HDB). The HDB has some rules which has to be adhered to, and that includes applying for a permit and getting approved from HDB before you can start on some of the renovation process. You can find out more about the guidelines here.

Invest in the Right Materials

You have many options when it comes to hdb home decor design. There are lots of materials and types of finishes to choose from. Materials that are important in each space are key. It’s important to understand what you’re doing in each space, and there are certain requirements for each space to keep in mind.

You need to consider factors such as sturdiness, durability, ease of maintenance, and moisture resistance in your selection process. If you are going to put some time and thought into the design of your next kitchen or bathroom, you should look to wood as the material for the shelving, flooring and furniture you will use.

Wood is a versatile material and is used in many interior designs, such as Scandinavian design. It even helps you to create an illusion of having a larger space, which is really cool. Wood is an enduring material that brings warmth to your home. It has a timeless appeal and a gentle presence in your home that makes it cozy and rustic at the same time.

Focus on the little details

It’s very important when designing a home to pay attention to the smallest of details. You want your home to look like a world class property, and you don’t have to go out and spend thousands of dollars to get a beautifully finished space. Subtle details can help add depth to your interior design. What you choose for your home will help establish a theme, whether you’re redecorating or just rearranging things around.

Our HDB Interior Design Methodology

How do we go about doing each project? We will first begin by re-designing the walls and floorings of your rooms. For your walls, you can choose to paint them with a soothing colour or even opt to cover your walls with contemporary wallpapers! Wallpapers come in a huge variety of design- there are even 3D wallpapers that can make your house stand out compared to the same neutral coloured walls that everyone usually have at home. There are many different types of tiles that you can choose for your flooring. If you are looking for something affordable, we recommend that you choose ceramic or porcelain tiles. They are cheaper options but can enhance the ambience of your home with their gloss and finish. 

After the walls and floorings are decided upon, we will move on to choosing furniture for your room. The furniture that we choose will meet your aesthetic and functionality expectations while catering to your style. Lighting is one other element that we focus on. The use of appropriate lighting can bring out different moods. For your bedrooms that are meant for relaxation, we recommend the use of warm lighting whereas for areas like your study room that requires efficiency and productivity, we will use cool lighting. Another key feature that we recommend is the use of smart home technology such as smart lighting and automation. These features will help to make your home more modern!

When the job is completed, Swiss Interior also provides you with cleaning services. We will help to clear debris off the renovation site and carry out general cleaning to ensure that your home is left in a spick and span condition for your move in. When you choose Swiss Interior, you can be guaranteed a bespoke interior that is specially tailored to your style and preference. We believe that every house should be unique to its own hence we will approach every project with a clean slate and aim to achieve a unique experience for you. Work with us and we will ensure only the best results for your rooms we design. Do check out our previous works to get a better sense of how we can value add to your home.