HDB Renovation Guidelines in Singapore

Let’s get one thing straight: Hdb Renovations are not always easy to do. Sure, they’re not that expensive when you think about the price of your home and the amount of time and money you’ve already put into it. But that doesn’t mean it’s going to be an easy fix. In fact, most people underestimate the amount of work that goes into renovating a home and don’t realize that it takes much more time and effort than they thought.

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) has released a set of guidelines to assist residents in renovating their flats. In particular, HDB says that its “guidelines are intended for the benefit of all residents.” We have also compiled some essential guidelines that you should know.

Plan your budget

Most construction projects are completed in 12-weeks or less. This period is only 95% of the payment for your HDB renovation. You’ll need the total amount before you start. Before working with an ID firm, you should investigate your finance options—saving money and home improvement loans.

When it comes to determining a budget, it helps calculate your total income. You’ll save a lot of money if you put an upper limit on how much you’ll spend on your business.

Know your limit

If you know the scope of your HDB renovation, it will help you plan the rest of the design to renovate your flat. Your HDB renovation budget should be set at a comfortable rate for you and your family, so you can manage the expenses while working towards your renovation goal.

This means that the project will be completed in less than one month. How well you can plan will depend on how well you know yourself. This can also give you a rough idea of how much HDB renovation is needed, which can help streamline the renovation process.

Consider hiring an interior designer or a  renovation contractor

Typical interior design firms are more expensive than renovation contractors, but that doesn’t mean you can’t find an ID firm that will charge less than a renovation contractor. It’s always best to go with the higher-priced option if you can afford it. However, with the cheaper option, you’re likely to get lower-quality products and services.

Many contractors offer several benefits, such as quality advice, access to the building code, and expertise, but you need to take a good look at the contractor’s background before you hire him or her. The cost of an ID architectural project is usually cheaper than hiring an independent non-ID architect.

Renovation timeline

For an HDB resale, this one is fairly obvious as it helps you estimate your move-in date, especially for a resale HDB. Your home renovations could be a big drain on your finances. Get a handle on all the costs associated with it so you’re not surprised by them. This is the main reason why you should be careful about renovating your home or when you renovate your flat in Singapore. 

Find a schedule from your designer/contractor about the delivery of the project. This lets you know when your project is due and gives you a heads up about any potential delays.

Renovation permit

A renovation permit from HDB typically takes up to three weeks to be approved. However, the renovation permit from HDB process could be quick if the work does not include wall hacking or reconfiguring toilets or sinks. However, applying for an HDB renovation permit is best done early so that you don’t have to do it all at the last minute!

When the work for the new flat has started, it will take 3 months for the new flat to be completed. If your flat is an older resale one, you’ll have a month from the date of the HDB renovation permit to finish renovate your flat.

Renovation loan

It would be easier to get a personal loan than a renovation loan. A mortgage works because banks know you have an asset (your home), and you’re trying to enhance its value.

There are, however, some rules on what the funds can be used for. For example, electrical and wiring, flooring, and tiles include electrical outlets, light fixtures, electrical wiring, tile floors, etc. If you need to pay an upfront processing or admin/handling fee, you should get in touch with your bank before finalizing the loan.

Finalized your design

Finally, make sure your designer knows what you want. Start your project by choosing the suitable materials, selecting the right furniture and fittings, and taking care of the details.

The best time to negotiate the renovation cost is when you have a fair idea of the total project. The best way to choose the right quality and fit for you is always to pick the best. The ideal scenario is to purchase items on your priority list and gradually decorate your home with other things.

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