12 Tips to Upgrade Your HDB Toilet for a Better Living Experience

Renovating a toilet at home can be a headache, but luckily there are some simple toilet renovation tips that will save you time and money. In this article, we’ll provide you with 12 toilet renovation ideas to get you started. With just a little preparation and creativity, you can create a toilet that not only looks good, but is easy to maintain and clean.

Open concept toilet

An open-concept toilet can be for you if you’re seeking a distinctive approach to live in your area. This manual contains a range of intriguing concepts. The nicest feature of a glass-walled toilet is how it gives the impression that the space is larger. 

For small toilet design ideas, the nicest feature of a glass-walled toilet is how it gives the impression that the space is larger. A different way of life is offered by open-concept restrooms. There are no walls or doors to the room, therefore it is open. With this idea, you can easily see your surroundings and take in the scenery from any angle.

Mirrors to reflect light

Mirrors don’t only increase the look of a toilet; they can also improve the function. A properly positioned mirror can make a room seem larger by creating the illusion of having more space.

When it comes to your toilet mirrors, go big. We’re talking about a large mirror that will make you look taller and thinner, so that you can see yourself in every aspect. The larger the mirror, the more your eyes will widen with delight at how beautiful you are. Frameless mirrors are an ideal choice for any toilet. They not only reduce visual clutter but they also provide you with extra space in your toilet.

Shelves into toilet walls for storage

When designing your space, you can use a variety of tactics to make the most of the available space and maximize its effectiveness. You should use smaller appliances, such as small sinks or vanity tops, and add shelves to non-structural walls to give your toilet depth.

Poor lighting can make a room feel smaller. We open the space up visually and make them seem more spacious by allowing more natural light into the toilet.

To give the toilet an extra boost of light, we often install a skylight above the shower or bath, which lets in a lot of light, particularly when it is installed on the north side of the toilet. This helps create a feeling of spaciousness and light. 

Sliding doors

When the door opens to a bathroom, it’s difficult to fit inside. Then why not think about a sliding or bi-fold door if you must have glass in your kitchen? They’ll increase the functionality of your toilet while also improving its appearance. 

Think about replacing the outdated HDB toilet design door with a more convenient sliding track door. You won’t need to take the space the door occupies while swinging into account if you install the hinges in this manner.

If you choose a sliding door, ensure it is supported by a track that doesn’t sag or droop so it slides easily. A beautiful design can even go beyond the traditional door, sliding in, then out of the wall to give a more contemporary look.

Bright and consistent palette

When it comes to selecting the right colors for a space, we should choose carefully. Warm and vibrant tones create a cozy vibe, whereas cooler hues make rooms feel cleaner and more open.

To select the right toilet light fixtures, you must first choose the right colors for your toilet’s various surfaces. Select warm bulbs that offer a yellow/warm white light that creates a sense of visual spaciousness.

Glass dividers or shower curtains

Clear glass dividers and translucent shower curtains give the illusion of a larger, more open toilet. If you want a shower curtain that complements your home design, you can also consider getting rid of the shower curtains and do away with the dividers altogether.

Pay attention to your flooring choice

More often than not, a major problem with HDB toilet design is space. Not at all. Our designers are constantly pushing the limits of our technology and adding a glamorous touch to your toilet. Glazed porcelain tiles for your toilet flooring are the answer. They take away all the attention from the fact that this is a 35-square-foot space.

Toilet mirrors that have built-in storage

Mirrors with built-in storage are useful for maximizing your space without looking ugly or unappealing. Adding storage space is an essential design task if you have a small toilet. 

It’s also great for creating more room for your toilet essentials. Mirrors with built-in storage are perfect for this purpose. Mirrors with built-in storage, such as those from Ikea, are excellent for maximizing your space and not looking too big or ugly. Built-in storage is useful for maximizing your space in a small toilet, but if you have a large toilet, it’s even better to have built-in shelves or cabinets.

The showering area can be used with wall holders and standing racks

Standing racks are great for organizing your body soap, shampoo, and face wash to find what you need in the shower or sink quickly. To keep your toilet walls free of clutter, hang these magnetic toilet accessories from the wall. With strong adhesive, no drilling is necessary for an easy installation.

They include hanging hooks, shelves, and storage bins to make your toilet more organized. To keep your toilet walls free of clutter, hang these magnetic toilet accessories from the wall. With strong adhesive, no drilling is necessary for an easy installation. They include hanging hooks, shelves, and storage bins to make your toilet more organized.

Toilet racks in your toilet

The space above the toilet bowl should be more noticed and used. Of course, there are a lot of things you can do with a drone. Toilet paper roll storage is one of the most popular ways to free up countertop real estate. If you don’t have a roll holder installed in your toilet, or if you don’t want to install one, there are plenty of other ways to use the extra space.

Transparent shower area and shower curtain

Transparent shower screens are a great idea for an open-concept toilet, as they give the illusion of a larger toilet. Transparent plastic curtains can be used for both glass screens and plastic curtains. You need to have the right size and shape.

Wall mounted toilet bowl for more space

Smaller toilet bowls that are wall-mounted can be used with HDB toilets. Lifting them off the ground gives the impression that the room is larger. Do they appear beautiful? A huge built-in vanity can make a small HDB toilet feel crowded. In a small toilet, a wall-mounted or pedestal sink would be the ideal choice. These bathroom fittings make the space feel more open and widen your toilet. Additionally, some unoccupied space can be used to hold shelves and store goods.

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