How Do You Maximize A 3-Room HDB BTO Space In Singapore?

HDB flat is a popular choice for new homeowners in Singapore because of its price value and availability. It is a homeowner’s dream to have a big home. There is not much space in 3-room HDBs for BTO and Resale flats. It is difficult to modify the space available.

It’s not as complicated to plan for a 3-room HDB interior design. There are many options for small spaces like three-room HDB units. You will be able to transform your kitchen into a 3-room BTO home. Whether it is an open plan space, kitchen, or bathroom, it is a good idea to plan out what furniture is needed and how much space is required. If you are planning to start a business in any of the above fields, then you need the help of an interior designer. They’ll surely help.

We have some smart 3-room HDB design ideas despite your 3-room BTO size. You can learn how to make your HDB BTO flat look more spacious. 

What you should know about the 3-room HBD BTO flat in Singapore and their feature?

The three-room BTO units are larger than their two-room cousins. They are ideal for young couples because they have the right amount of space for two. All 3-room BTO flats have two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a living area, a kitchen, and a storeroom/household shelter, but their internal layout can vary slightly depending on which development they belong to and/or where they are situated.

However, some people who have larger members of their family, have to maximize every space they have in their 3-room HDB BTO flat in Singapore. To help you figure the waysfor your 3-room BTO renovation ideas. Here are some ideas to maximize your 3-room HDB BTO flat space in Singapore:

Use more mirrors and glass material in your 3-room space

Glass walls are a wonderful and unique idea for homes with limited space. They’re ideal for small apartments and the best interior design ideas for small spaces. This provides a myriad of options for transforming a house into a home. Glass walls, folding doors, and mirrors make your eyes go farther, giving the illusion of more room. Modern glass design allows more natural light into the interior, which is reflected throughout the interior of your home. This helps bring out the best designs from within your home.

Make the most of your space With only three rooms, you can’t afford to have empty corners. But don’t worry about the extra space. Use it to your advantage! Design the kitchen so that it’s connected to the living room and the dining area. If you have a small living room, you can make it bigger by creating a dining area, or make the dining area larger by making it part of the living room. Add more storage Use the extra space in your three-room space to store more stuff.

Don’t ignore your vertical space

The vertical space is not used in HDB flats or 3-room BTO layout ideas. A practical floor area can be gained by taking advantage of unused space. The bed takes up a lot of space If you elevate the bed, you can use the space below as a study or seating area.

You can get a bit creative and hack down walls that separate your rooms in some cases. These changes also make your home feel more spacious and open up. If you are planning to replace your front door, make sure you think about how this door will affect how your home feels. One of the best options for office decor is choosing reflective materials such as bright, lacquered walls or glossy tiles.

Light fixtures like chandeliers or pendant lights also create an uplifting effect and are great for giving a room a more open feeling. The space can be separated into a living, dining, and office area with an industrial-style display case that incorporates transparent glass windows, like this one.

Use platform beds

Bedside lockers are an easy and economical method of storing belongings under your bed. You will have to keep the room looking clean and neat. If you want to maximize your living space, this is a good idea. Hiding clutter is perfect for storing rarely used items such as holiday decorations, winter clothing etc.

Besides using a platform bed, you should also paint the walls a light color Light colors are very soothing. They are best for those who suffer from insomnia or restless leg syndrome. If you have a small bedroom, you can choose to paint the walls white or off-white. If you choose a pale shade of blue or green, it will create a calming effect. However, if you want your bedroom to be bright, go for bright colors like yellow, orange, and red. These colors make you feel cheerful and energetic.

Put your furniture in higher places

If your home is small and looks cramped, the best way to improve the appearance of your living space is to remove the furniture from the floor. It also maximizes every inch of space in the room, making cleaning it much easier. Furniture doesn’t need to look like furniture; it can be anything from a bookshelf to a mirror frame to a wall-mounted armchair. Wall mount a cabinet, shelf, or another vertical surface. Wall-mounting frees up valuable horizontal space but is expensive to do in a large home.

Try using wooden elements

In addition to being a very versatile material, wood can be used to create beautiful furniture, decorative elements, and other interior items. You can bring in some natural warmth to your bedroom and living areas by using veneered cabinets or wooden wardrobes to make the space more warm and friendly.

In your 3-room HDB flat, a muted color scheme can add an air of sophistication to your home. Add some elegant furniture and dark, sleek surfaces, like wood flooring. 

A neutral theme will keep your home from feeling too stuffy, and it is a great way to showcase your favorite art and collectibles. A good color scheme can be a great way to create a relaxing home for you. Try using light colors in your living room and kitchen, and dark colors in the bedroom and bathroom. A lot of people love the simplicity of using shades of white, but that’s not always the best choice for every home. If you’re interested in adding a little pop of color to your home, try painting the walls with bright colors.

Use a multipurpose furniture

Furniture that is multi-purpose, convertible, or expandable is better for your home. Furniture with many functions is both practical and functional. For example, the sofa bed serves as a sofa and a bed. These are often very flexible pieces, which allows you to choose a configuration that works best for you.

You should note that buying quality furniture is important. Quality furniture will last longer than cheap furniture. Cheap furniture can be purchased in the store, but it is not always of good quality. Quality furniture will need less maintenance, and will not have as many problems as cheap furniture. You will want to buy furniture that has been manufactured with the best materials possible. Buy durable furniture You do not want to buy a piece of furniture that will quickly fall apart. There are many items made out of wood that is not meant to last very long.

Use matching laminates

Laminates are the perfect material for creating that seamless look in your home or kitchen, dining room, or wherever you decide to use them. This is a great way to make a more homey WFH space, especially in areas with tight spaces.

You can use a lot of laminate without being able to see through it, but it will be a lot less attractive if you use too many layers. If you don’t want to see the laminates at all, choose a more solid color like white or black. Know your measurements The key here is to make sure the laminates are as long and as wide as the area where they will be installed.

Use flexible built-ins

Planning your home layout in accordance with how you would live in it day-to-day will give you more clarity on what you want to prioritize. If you have a lot of time in the kitchen, install bulky kitchen appliances outside. Another great idea that the homeowners of this hotel-like 3-room BTO had were to put mini pull-out shelves in the wall to act as additional counter space.

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