How Do You Manage An Open Concept Kitchen Smell? 5 Tips to Follow

Do you have a problem with how to get rid of cooking smells in open plan kitchen?

Open concept kitchen has pros and cons. If you have an open concept kitchen HDB, you know that managing smells can be a challenge. Maybe it’s the smell of cooking that’s wafted into your living room, or maybe it’s a smelly dishwasher that’s located right next to your dining table. Also, cooking odors can quickly spread throughout the entire house, making it smell like your kitchen even if you’re not in the room. While some people might enjoy the smell of cooking, others may not want their home to smell like a restaurant.  Either way, it can be tough to manage kitchen smells when you don’t have any walls to block them off.

So how do you manage an open concept kitchen smell? Here are 5 tips to follow:

Identify The Source of The Smell

The first thing that you should do when dealing with open kitchen problems, such as the smell, is to identify the source. Once you know where it’s coming from, you can take steps to mitigate it. For example, if the smell is coming from your dishwasher, you can keep the door closed when it’s not in use. Or, if the smell is coming from your stove, you can try cooking with less aromatic ingredients.

Keep your kitchen clean

It’s important to keep your kitchen clean for two reasons: to manage open concept kitchen smell and to prevent the spread of bacteria. An open concept kitchen can be a great way to save space, but it can also lead to a lot of smells wafting through your home. To combat this, be sure to clean your kitchen regularly and keep cooking odors to a minimum. You should also be sure to keep your kitchen clean to prevent the spread of bacteria. This includes wiping down surfaces, taking out the trash, and cleaning the floors. The less dirt and debris there is in your kitchen, the less likely it is that smells will linger.

Cook at appropriate times

If you know you’ll be cooking something that smells strongly, try to do it when other people are out of the house. This way, the smell won’t have a chance to spread. You can also try cooking it earlier in the day so that the smell has time to dissipate before everyone comes home.

The Three Ventilation Methods

Proper ventilations can help to ventilate your kitchen and remove odors from the air. There are three main ventilation methods you can use to manage smells in your open concept kitchen: hood vents, range fans, and downdraft vents. Hood vents are the most effective way to remove smells, but they can be expensive to install. Range fans are a less expensive option, but they’re not as effective as hood vents. Downdraft vents are the least effective option, but they’re the most affordable.

When to Use Air Fresheners 

Air fresheners can help to mask strong smells and keep your kitchen smelling fresh. There are a few things to keep in mind when using air fresheners in your kitchen, however. First, be sure to choose an air freshener that is specifically designed for kitchens. Second, make sure to place the air freshener away from any food prep areas, as you don’t want the air freshener to come into contact with any food. Then, don’t overdo it with the air fresheners. A little goes a long way, and much of the smell from cooking is airborne grease. Some can be beneficial, if they mitigate the smoky air with a boost of fresh fumes before opening a window to clear it out. Glass jars full of kitchen spices can also help disguise any smoldering odors that may waft through the house when you’re not expecting them to. Finally, be sure to pick something that everyone can tolerate!

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