How Long Does It Take To Renovate The Toilet In Singapore? 7 Things You Need To Know!

Over the years, the number of people in Singapore doing toilet renovation has increased. They have the best facilities available. It’s maybe their current HDB toilet design is boring. Before setting a budget for toilet renovations, you need to consider what your home needs and what your family needs are. How long it will take to renovate your toilet, and what work you need to do to improve your toilet look are some of the reasons you are doing it.

It will take a lot of work to carry out the best toilets. An interior design company can help with that. You can ask Interior Times for toilet renovation ideas. As a Casetrust certified company, we can offer you incredible services such as interior design consultant Singapore, all at affordable prices and different toilet renovation packages.

How long does it take to do a toilet renovation? Why should you fix a toilet? How much work do you need to do? Below are the answers.

How long does a toilet renovation last?

The small toilet remodels take an average of 23 days. It will likely take about 23 days to do a small toilet remodel if the renovation is done well. It will take less than four and one-half weeks, or just over one month if there are no work disruptions on weekends. The estimate is based on our experience and historical data. It’s likely to be done in less or up to 9 weeks or more likely to be doubled if you have a bigger toilet area.

How much a toilet renovation in Singapore will cost?

A simple toilet remodel is about $20,000. Most homeowners need to have the toilet replaced because it has not been properly maintained or installed. Many homeowners decide to install a new toilet because their existing toilet is leaking or because they want a more modern design. If the toilet is in good condition, then you can expect to pay about half the amount of money to renovate your toilet. For example, a home that has a $30,000 toilet renovation will spend about $15,000 on the toilet.

How long does it take for a toilet to be renovated?

How long does it take to renovate a small toilet or a bigger one?

You may be expected that project management charts show all of the work to be done on a day-by-day basis as usually seen on television. It is possible that the reality is different for toilet renovation.

Unexpected problems to deal with include deliveries that don’t come on time, fitting that doesn’t fit, and specialists who aren’t available on days they are scheduled to be on site. There is a lot of work to be done, with preparation time, drying time, and finishing time.

It’s a job that must be done right the first time, or it may have to be redone. We can help you get started. Our experts will give you a free estimate, and we’ll make sure the project is completed on schedule. That is for sure what you can count on us.

There are factors that affect your toilet renovation timeline

It can be a challenge to plan a successful toilet renovation. Most bathroom renovations are done without a hitch. It depends on how professional your team is and how much you have planned. There are a few factors to consider.

The size of your toilet

A decorating rework needs to be scheduled. To remove and replace your entire toilet, you should allow a couple of weeks for the project to be completed. As such, it would help if you could decide what the entire project entails.

How much do you plan to spend on your bathroom renovation? Your bathroom can be a very expensive room in your home, so it’s important to do your research when deciding what renovation package you want to take. You can do it yourself with the help of a contractor or use a DIY toilet renovation kit. Whether you choose to install it yourself or have it installed, your new toilet will look great once it’s finished.

Is it with a contractor or an interior design firm?

Go ahead if you want to do the project on your own. It depends on how urgent the project is, and how long you have. If you want the project to be done quickly and efficiently, then you need to hire a general renovation contractor or interior design firm.

A contractor or an interior designer with experience with your type of project is the best choice. If they do not want to make your dream design come true, then ask why. They might tell you that they don’t know much about your project or that they aren’t experienced enough. If they are too inexperienced for your needs, it is probably best to find someone else. You should look into their references, too. Ask them if they’ve received previous referrals. Make sure that the contractor is licensed and has insurance.

You may want to consider only one subcontractor for your entire project, as working with different ones might cost you more time and money. There could be headaches and costs for some people. Do you do it yourself? It could be the longest project ever.

The number of your workman

The biggest variable in any renovation project is the size of the team. If it’s only you, you’re doing it all yourself. How many people are working on your project? If you’re working on a project with just one person, you’ll want to consider whether to hire more or stick to just one. You’ll want to have a team of professional employees involved in your toilet renovation process. When there are multiple things going on, times can slip if you work only by yourself or hire a person, but if you hire more and can keep their focus, they can still make a positive impact.

Things you should know before doing a toilet renovation

With Interior Times, it will go more smoothly than a typical toilet renovation if everything goes well. However, the project can slow down due to over budget. They have to pay their contractor on time and not issue change orders. The timetable is important. All workdays have been pushed together. When a worker is done, the next person will step in. The reality is more than you think.


The process may take a couple of days. If the toilet is difficult to remove refuse or on a second story, the work may take longer.

If the toilet is in good condition and needs only some cleaning, you may be able to do it yourself. If it needs more extensive repair, you may want to consider hiring a plumber. Before calling a plumber, check to see if your municipality has an emergency plumbing service. Some municipalities have emergency plumbing services, while others are required by law to provide such services. Your local building inspector may also be able to recommend an emergency plumber. Check with your local water company to find out what options they offer.

Toilet tile rework 

Advisable allocated day of work: 2 days.

You may not be doing tile work, but the applying/drying cycle takes time. 

You have to plan that way. When people are away from home and their toilets are likely to be a mess, the best time to fix your toilet is a couple of days before the big holiday weekend. The invention relates to a system for removing water and other pollutants from a process stream.

Toilet flooring renovation

Advisable allocated day of work: 2 days.

The plain vinyl floor can be taken down in the morning, but tile, engineered wood or other flooring will take longer.

Ways to speed up your toilet renovation

Your toilet is in a constant state of flux; there are always things coming or going, such as toilet paper, soap, and towels. You can control your own factors. If you’ve done everything else, the toilet remodel schedule is now back in your contractors’ hands:

Pay on time

Contractors rely on your payments to pay other people. 

If you’re late with a payment they will be late. Before the project is completed, make sure to pay your contractors and designers. Check out your contractor’s references. Ask about your friends. What has been done for them? Have they ever done projects like yours? See previous work by them. You want them to be able to do what they say. You want a contractor who is trustworthy. To find out how the references did, call them.

Be available 

All calls, texts, and e-mails from the contractor should be returned as soon as possible. If you wait an extra day, you will have to set the timetable back a day. All work orders should include the contractor’s phone number, the project manager’s name, and the name of the contractor. The contract should include this information.

The project manager should be able to give answers if there are any questions. If you are dealing with contractors who are highly trained, be professional. Don’t talk to them and treat them like professionals. Prepare as much as you can, and plan ahead. Before the job begins, know what you want and what you don’t want.

Avoid unnecessary changes

Before you sign the contract, ask yourself if you’re good with it. Will you be satisfied if the project is completed to the specifications? This process is designed to make sure that you don’t get any unexpected changes during your toilet renovation.

Some benefits may be offered by the contractor, but not all. There are a few things to consider when selecting a contractor. A contractor is required to carry insurance. They might have liability and worker’s compensation insurance, but it doesn’t mean they are in good financial shape. Before hiring a company, ask about their financial health. Ask the contractor if they’ve done other projects as you have done.

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