How To Read HDB Floor Plan? Here Are The 23 Guides

While planning a home, you may think first about the budget and the design, rather than a lot of other important things. So you may not know it, but you need to learn the three-step process of how to sell like a pro. It begins with knowing how to read the HDB floor plan.

It’s not just reading the floor plan, you’ll also have to interpret the plans in order to interpret it. Knowing how to read your floor plan is an important part of interior design. If having trouble figuring out how to read a building floor plan has you puzzled, you’re in the right place.

Here are some questions on the topic that will help you.

What is an HDB Floor Plan?

A floor plan is a diagram or scale model that shows how a floor or a house is laid out. Floor plans are usually composed of drawings which contain details of the building such as measurements, furniture, and other interior fixtures such as closets.

They are usually presented on a scale that allows for easy viewing. How Can I Find a Good HDB Floor Plan? There are many websites on the internet which sell HDB floor plans. You can also find a good one by searching online or looking at local classified ads. If you want to get the most accurate results, make sure that you check that the floor plan you choose is for the exact home that you are interested in. You can also ask your agent if he knows of any good sites that sell HDB floor plans.

Ways to find your floor plan in Singapore

You can find the floor plan by following the steps.

  • After you buy a home, you can check your floor plan at HDB.
  • You have to use a credit card to pay for the application form.
  • You will get the floor plan via email or post.
  • The floor plan can be downloaded immediately after payment.

However, if you are applying for a floor plan that isn’t readily available, it can take longer. You can also ask the seller or previous owner to share the floor plan with you.

You can’t always expect to have your dream home right away, but you can have some of the elements of that home as soon as possible. Remember, floor plans are a tool to help you visualize your new home. If you are having trouble visualizing your new home, just use the floor plan to get a sense of where everything is located and how big everything is. 

How do you read HDB floor plans?

How to read HDB floor plan for walls?

There are three types of walls that are featured on a floor plan. The normal walls, structural walls, and gable-end walls are included.

Normal walls

The rooms have a thin line that divides them. Depending on the design you are considering, these walls can be hacked or demolished. Be sure to request prior permission from HDB before making any changes.

Structural walls

The walls are important to the structure of the house and are seen as bold, dark lines on the floor plan. Your home and building can become unsound if these walls are not there. These walls can’t be hacked or disrupted because they are detrimental to the house’s structural integrity.

They must be constructed in accordance with building codes. Building codes The building code sets the standards for how the house is built. These codes are set by state agencies and they vary from state to state. The building codes regulate the minimum widths and heights of openings, the maximum thickness of floors and walls, and many other details. The codes also set the type of materials that can be used. Types of walls There are three types of walls: interior, exterior, and partition walls. Interior walls are walls that separate rooms, such as hallways and bathrooms.

Gable-end walls

Represented by a thin line within the wall, they are a typical end-point unit. When you’re inside the house, there are walls that separate the rooms from the other areas. You cannot remove them.

How to read the HDB floor plan for doors?

Swing doors

Swing doors are a quarter of a circle and give you an idea of the direction the door swings out.

Folding doors

In your floor plan, folding doors take on a V-shape to save space. They can be found around the service yards and the bathroom.

Non-HDB doors

Similar to swing doors, non-HDB doors use a dotted line to imply empty space. HDB does not provide doors here, so you can see what it would look like if you add your own.

How to read HDB floor plan for windows?

Casement window

Similar to the symbols used for swing doors, these windows are marked by a pair or more of quarter circles. They are one of the more common window styles found in HDBs and BTOs.

These windows are usually found on the first floor of HDB blocks, but can also be found on the second floor. These windows are commonly found in older blocks, as they are easy to install and have good insulation value. The quarter circle windows are a very popular design and are commonly found in buildings in Singapore. This is because of their simple yet distinctive appearance. The windows are commonly found on the first floor and are usually installed at an angle, with the top of the window being at about 45 degrees.

Sliding window

Thin and hollow lines are used for sliding windows. They can be seen better in the living room and bedroom areas.

Top-hung window

You can see what’s in the bathroom window from the tophung window. It looks like a thin dotted line inside a rectangular shape on the floor plan. The window will be placed with respect to the other elements in the toilet.

How to read laundry rack in HDB floor plan?

Right by the service yard, you’ll see a group of short lines bunched together. It’s a neat-looking laundry rack that allows you to hang your washing up without wasting any space. The V-shaped door and the grill-like door are both related to your floor plan.

How to read the HDB floor plan for the staircase?

An HDB staircase is not a common sight in most buildings, but it’s still a good idea to know how to find one on a floor plan if you decide to upgrade to the second floor.

On your floor plan, you’ll often see a series of rectangles lined up in a row with an arrow that runs through them, pointing to a direction. This is a staircase in which the stairs go from the landing to the next level.

Other Elements of a Floor Plan

Wall length

There are small numbers around the edges of your floor plan. The wall and floor length of the interior are what they are. These dimensions can help you plan your space more effectively and give you an idea of the amount of material you would need for renovations. These dimensions are listed in millimeters.

50/100mm drop

If you see this on your floor plan, it means there is a drop in height or elevation between two areas.

What is the unit of measurement for the HDB floor plan?

  • Floor plans are typically measured in square metres (sq. m.) as opposed to square feet (sq. ft.). 
  • It also uses a 1:100 scale. 

How do you locate the floor of an HDB flat?

If you have your HDB floor plan application, you can check online if your flat’s floor area is available for leasing. The flat information section on your HDB page provides more information.

How do you look at floor plan numbers?

The dimensions of your interiors are what are listed on the sides of your floor plan. For easy calculation, the numbers are written in millimeters. You can easily convert the numbers from millimeters to meters on the basis of 1,000mm.

For example, 5,000mm would translate to 5m when converted. The dimensions listed at the length and breadth of the room can be used to calculate the total measurement of the space.

What is the meaning of the word ‘DB’ in a floor plan?

DB stands for distribution board.  In other words, the distribution board is the switchboard. Major electrical points are stored in your home.

What is the meaning of HS in a floor plan?

The bomb shelter is also called a household shelter. The structural walls in this part of the floor plan are not going to be hacked or demolished. Here are a few other abbreviations that can be helpful to note: 

  • W/C: Water closet 
  • BW: Bay window 
  • DB: Distribution board/electrical switchboard 
  • W/D: Dryer area

What happens if you don’t hire interior design before planning your HDB floor plan?

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