Kitchen Door Singapore – Decoration Ideas and Interior Design For Your Kitchen

When you think of the term “kitchen” you might think of the room that’s used primarily for food preparation, but today, kitchens are used for a variety of purposes, including eating, cooking, and entertaining. So, if you’re designing a kitchen for yourself or someone else, you want it to be functional, beautiful, and stylish. You need to choose the right kitchen door Singapore to give the best finish to your kitchen.

Kitchen Sliding Door Singapore

Do you need a sliding door for your HDB kitchen door or a sliding door for your HDB toilet door? In Singapore, there are four main types of sliding doors:

  • Aluminum Sliding Door
  • Frameless Glass Sliding Door
  • Laminate Door
  • Wooden Sliding Door 

Aluminum sliding doors with acrylic panels are the cheapest and most popular of the four types of sliding doors available in Singapore. Aluminum sliding doors with transparent panels may be used in both the kitchen and the bathroom, and are suitable for families with small children and the elderly.

Aluminum Kitchen Sliding Door

Metal sliding doors are great for toilet doors and kitchen entry doors since aluminum does not rust, rot, or corrode in moist environments. 

The benefits of a top and bottom track sliding door are that it is more stable since it is supported by two tracks. However, if you have elderly people in your house or family members who use wheelchairs, this sort of sliding door may not be the greatest choice for your toilet and kitchen entry since they may trip and fall. Furthermore, the bottom track of the sliding door must be cleaned in order for the opening to stay smooth.

  • Standard glass
  • Tempered glass
  • Scratch resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Heat resistance
  • Termite resistance

Frameless Glass Sliding Door For Kitchen

The frameless glass sliding door is the most contemporary and “in-thing” in the Singapore home décor scene of all the sliding doors. Clear tempered glass sliding doors are ideal for kitchen entrances because they enable light from the living room to stream into the kitchen, making it appear brighter. Caregivers can also keep an eye on the small children when cooking in the kitchen thanks to the clear tempered glass. 

Most interior designers choose to use frameless sliding glass doors into their home décor because they open up the space and give it a more contemporary appeal. For a tempered glass sliding door, have 2 option:

  • Clear tempered glass 
  • Sandplast tempered glass

Laminate Kitchen Door

Laminate doors, commonly known as High Pressure Laminate, are becoming more popular in Singapore. On the face of a 3mm plywood door, a layer of 1mm high pressure laminate is connected and pressed. The internal solid core will be masonite or composite wood, and the semi solid core will be two pieces of plywood with laminate pressed and bonded to our door frame. On the door’s side, a matching ABS trim will be put. 

Laminate kitchen doors are widely known for their scratch and heat resistance. There are several laminate styles to pick from on the market, as opposed to traditional classic doors, nyatoh plywood doors, and veneer plywood doors. For their kitchen doors, customers can pick between semi-solid and solid core laminate doors.

Wooden Kitchen Sliding Door 

The current door style in Singapore is the wooden barn sliding door. Some homeowners prefer the rustic country aesthetic that the wooden barn sliding door provides. However, a wooden barn sliding door may not be suited for use in a damp toilet since it will rust. The wooden sliding door may not be the ideal solution unless you have a very large toilet or add a shower screen.

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