6 Modern Hall Partition Designs Ideas

A hall partition is not just something that differentiates the hall and dining but also a piece of art that adds to the decor of your home. There are a variety of hall partitions with plenty of designs to choose from. They can be made from metal, glass, wood or even laminate. To give your home the best wall partition check out this designs idea for modern hall partition bellow.

Fun Hall Partition

Are you ready to give your home a fun touch? If you like the idea of a floating partition, then hear us out. This hall partition made with light wood in the shape of hexagons held together by an invisible clear wire gives an illusion that this partition is floating on thin air. This is a hall partition for those of you who like a fun but quirky element.

This is a hall partition that is not only functional but also has a unique design. This particular hall partition uses an old window as the main focal point of this wall art. The old window is used as a shelf for the vases and other decorative items.

A Multifunctional Hall Partition Design

Looking to save some space? Then this TV unit cum hall partition is perfect. This hall partition comes with shelves and open cabinets for storage along with bottom cabinets in white laminate and a space to place your TV. Yes, that’s right it’s a multifunctional hall partition.

Trophy Hall Partition

If you are a champion, my friend, you need a partition where you can show off all your trophies. This hall partition is designed with glass and timber shelves so that you share your winning story with your guests. This hall partition is a great way to utilise space and share your victory.

Frosty White Hall Partition

This elegant white hall partition will leave you feeling heavenly. In a hall with wooden flooring and blue sectioned sofa, an all-white hall partition stands tall and elegant a traditional hall partition in white.  

With a large sectional sofa and an oval table, this room is fit for royalty. The partition in white fits the bill perfectly.

A Floor To Ceiling Partition Design For Your Hall

If you have a high ceiling hall then we reckon the best-suited hall partition design for you is a floor to ceiling hall partition. Take a look at this modern living room in white that is simple yet sophisticated in its interior design. Along with decorative drop-down lights, a floor to the ceiling patterned glass hall partition stands tall here. This patterned glass has intricate lines forming squares that add to the design. 

A Criss Cross Dining Hall Partition

This modern home has a traditional touch with a criss-cross patterned jali dining hall partition design. This dining hall partition has intricate detail to showcase the criss-cross pattern that it holds. It’s perfect for those of you who want to go a hint traditional with home decor.

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