5 Best HDB (BTO & Resale) Kitchen Design Ideas In Singapore [Updated 2022]

When you are renovating your home, you would want every room of the house to be transformed into beauty and elegance. Of course, this includes the kitchen. A beautifully renovated kitchen offers you a comfortable and functional environment where you can cook and prepare meals efficiently.

When you look at kitchen renovation ideas, you will be able to find a broad array of options. Some are well suited to large ones, whereas others are specifically designed to keep in view smaller ones. Whether you own a big house or a small apartment, you are bound to find many different kitchen renovation ideas from which you can choose the designs that best suit your requirements and preferences.

If you are living in Singapore, chances are you are living in an HDB flat. Whether you have a small space for your HDB kitchen or a huge area, there are various ways through which you can revamp its appearance. Even in small-spaces, if the space is utilised properly, it can lead to a convenient kitchen that not only serves the purpose but does not appear cluttered as well.  

Here, we will describe a few ideas which you can adopt to change the appearance of your HDB kitchen . Be it a small one or a big one, we have creative ideas to suit your needs!

Open Concept Haven

An open concept HDB kitchen not only takes much less space but is trending these days as well. When no apparent walls are separating the kitchen from the living room, your whole apartment or condo appears spacious and airy.

Below is an HDB kitchen renovated by us, notice how the countertop can be utilized for dining purposes as well. This open concept looks stylish and elegant as well as provides the added functionality of dining without taking any extra space.

This is probably the most common type of HDB kitchen design especially for smaller homes and studio apartments. It takes relatively lesser space. Because of its open concept, it does not appear congested even though it covers less surface area. 

It also allows more light to enter the kitchen which would not have been possible had it been a conventional one. This kind of design is especially useful if you have small kids. It allows you to keep an eye on your surroundings while you cook. 

Add A Kitchen Island

One of the best ways in which you can add style and elegance to your HDB kitchen during renovation is to add a kitchen island. You might be concerned that it will take extra space, but the functionality and ease that it offers is worth the extra space taken. 

You can utilize the island for sitting and dining. There could be shelves incorporated in the island that will serve for storage purposes. The countertop itself can be used in various ways during meal preparation. If you have a bigger kitchen, you can invest in a large island and have the sink fitted in it. 

The larger island will mean more storage space as well as for other purposes. Thus the benefits of an island are endless. Even if you have a small space, you can add a smaller island; it does not necessarily have to be a big one. This will make your HDB kitchen look stylish and classy.

Bright And Functional

Having a white themed kitchen brightens up the whole area immediately. If you have a small HDB kitchen, a white theme will be especially useful since it will make the space appear spacious and big. You can add white cabinets with a light grey or beige backsplash. The floor tiles can also be white or pastel-coloured to match the overall white theme. A white themed kitchen does require more effort in cleaning, but it presents it elegantly and beautifully.

Also, try to keep the kitchen functional. Only add those elements which are going to be of use to you, so you do not waste any space with unnecessary items. Provide ample room in the form of counters to add maximum functionality. Add a bar and chairs if you have space.

Use A Scandinavian Theme

A Scandinavian theme can be considered one of the best ideas when it comes to HDB kitchen renovation. Scandinavian interior design features very light-coloured elements, simplicity, and a decluttered space. Keep things simple by installing plain, white shelves and cabinets. 

Avoid open shelves as they can make the space look cluttered. Keep maximum things stowed away in storage so that there are minimum items on the countertops. Of course, you can add a bit of colour to the kitchen to add some element of excitement. This could be in the form of dark-coloured kitchen appliances or a countertop of a dark colour to offset the remaining light-coloured elements.

Focus On The Flooring

Although the main emphasis of a kitchen is on its functionality and where everything is placed, the floor is just as important when it comes to its interior design. If the remaining elements of the kitchen have been designed immaculately, but the floor fails to match it, the whole space will look like a disaster. Ideally, the floor should be tiled in very light colours so it can help make the area look spacious. 

The floor tiles could match the colour of the backsplash tiles or be a shade darker or lighter than it. You can even opt for wooden appearance and texture tiles to match the other elements of the kitchen. Again, the options in case of flooring of a kitchen are limitless.

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