The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Decorating Open Concept Kitchens

What is an open concept kitchen? Is it something you might want to consider when you’re renovating or building a new home? Let’s take a look at the benefits of open concept kitchens and why you might want to incorporate one into your next home renovation.

What is an open concept kitchen?

This means there is little or no boundary between the kitchen and the living room or family room. The partitions between the kitchen and the dining room or living area are usually demolished. The kitchen has become more open and connected with the living area and/or dining room during the last few years. The contemporary kitchen is frequently open to family and friends these days.

Open concept kitchen ideas

Island counter

Consider an open-concept kitchen with an island, which not only provides additional storage but also more counter space. As a result, your work triangle in the kitchen will be larger and more handy.

Combine with dining room

It’s a good idea to have your dining table close to the kitchen if you want to entertain. You can simply walk about, and passing the food around is equally simple. When you don’t want to be distracted by contemporary world gadgets, this atmosphere is ideal for calm family dinners or at-home dating nights.

Breakfast bar

If you don’t have enough space for a dining table in your HDB or condo, consider a breakfast bar. This is especially effective if you eat your meals quickly. When you have company, this may also be used as a hot pad to serve your food.

Halfway kitchen

Are you still on the fence about the open-concept kitchen? Then you have the option of having an open kitchen with a glass divider or a sliding glass door between the kitchen and the living or dining area. If you’re wondering how to keep cooking odors out of an open kitchen, this is a terrific option.

Things you should keep in mind with the open kitchen concept

Keep it clean

Keep your open kitchen concept looking great so you’re not tempted to put it off for another day! When it comes to choosing kitchen decor, choose finish materials that are easy to clean.

Organize your open concept kitchen well

Because you need more room in your open concept kitchen HDB, you’ll want to eliminate any wall space that could be used for storage. You can make an island out of a countertop or a breakfast bar, plus you can get other things like compact breakfast bars and organizers.

Free of smell

When your kitchen smells like grease and fish, you’ll want to invest in a good hood. This will help to keep your open kitchen concept free of smell from dishes cooked in the kitchen. If your layout lets in air, that’s a plus. For air quality problems, such as strong odors or dust in a room, you may want to consider installing a diffuser or some room fresheners.

What will you get with this open-concept kitchen?

Create a bigger space for your kitchen

Being Singaporeans, it’s normal to live in small homes, but it does not mean that you have to feel cramped. The open kitchen concept Singapore makes small open kitchen concept rooms look bigger. Better lighting is now common in homes. Fewer walls make artificial light a more important part of your home’s design to create a bigger space.

Easy communication

The open kitchen concept is an easy-to-maintain design that lets you interact quicker and easier with guests in your living/dining area. You can cook the meal while guests chat and make some great memories at the table.

Many ways you can style your kitchen

Open concept kitchen HDB work best when they are integrated into a home’s overall design. There are many tons of styles that you can choose from. You can create a seamless style across the entire space or focus on one area as the visual center. No matter how you design it, you have a wonderful canvas to bring your creativity to life.

Free from clutter

Of course, visibility increases in open-plan layouts. This makes it harder to ignore dirty dishes piled up on a kitchen counter while you’re relaxing in the adjacent living room. But of course, this can be a great thing. It will help keep your kitchen neat and spotless so that you have everything ready to greet your guests when they visit.

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