Things To Consider When Undergoing A 2 Room Bto Interior Design

When building a property that feels entirely suited to who you are, knowing where to start can be tough. With the help of the right team, though, you can make what is often a complex issue feel much easier to overcome. The challenges that you often face during the renovation of a smaller property, though, can be quite surprising.

While it might seem easier to carry out a 2 room BTO interior design project, it’s not always the case. Smaller in size does not necessarily mean easier in scope, so it pays to understand what you are changing before doing any work. Whether you are working on a smaller 2 room BTO interior design project, or you are going for a slightly larger 4 room BTO renovation, the same things are going to come into consideration. What, then, matters when you undertake such a project?
Do you have enough space?

The first thing that we recommend that you take into account is the space available in each room. For example, with the right planning you could easily turn a 2 room BTO property into a location with a living space, a sleeping space, a cleaning space, a cooking space, and a working space. It’s about using smart sense of partitioning and wall planning to help create extra space where otherwise it would be wasted.

For example, many 2 room BTO properties waste space as they don’t make the most of the room they have. You could easily use some of the excess space from your living area, though, to create anything from a small laundry room to a working section to give you peace and quiet.

This is why hiring professionals, such as those from Interior Times, makes so much sense.
Do you need a feature area?

In slightly larger 4 room BTO builds, though, you might try and become overly ambitious with the space that you do have. We recommend that you avoid this as much as you can, as it can often just lead to space being wasted. Hiring someone to help you with your 4 room BTO renovation makes sense, as they can show you the reality of the space that you have.

Many times, it’s quite easy to over-estimate how much room that you actually have. This can lead to frivolous impulse purchases where, in reality, you don’t have the space and the room to store them. To avoid wasting money and resources, we recommend paying more attention to the general seize of your features area.

It should give you a better idea as to whether or not that space could be better used. Could you, for example, put your feature artwork and collections into the living area instead? And could you then use the extra freed-up space to house some extra appliances?

You could even use the extra room made up to give yourself a working surface; a place that you can get work done without distraction.
Is the property making the most of wall space?

A common mistake for many property owners is not having enough space on the floor because they do not utilise wall space enough. Walls are the perfect place for everything from hanging containers and shelves to putting up artwork and even features. Instead of having a space-consuming TV stand, for example, you could wall-mount your TV.

In spaces like a 2 room BTO, this is could be very useful for making sure that you can have the space that you need. it’s all about making the most of the space that you have, which is why hiring an interior designer is so highly recommended.

When you have someone working on the job for you, they can often find the best use of your walls, your floor, and even your ceiling. This can maximise space, allowing for more storage and more features.
Is there a fluid design?

Have you considered what kind of design you would like to put in place? This is a tough thing to get right. It’s a challenge because we often try to compartmentalise rooms, giving them their own personality. In smaller 2-4 room properties, though, this can lead to an eclectic and unconventional mix of themes, colours, and ideas.

We recommend that you try and keep a fluid colour scheme and design theme from one room to the next. In smaller properties, it looks better to have everything working in harmony rather than competing against one another. Especially if you go for a more open plan style of living in your BTO, it pays to have a more unified approach to the design.

If you think that improving your BTO interior design is going to be too challenging to tackle alone, you should consider hiring experts from Interior Times. Contact us today, and we can help you take on the most important considerations regarding your property.