5 simple Ideas For Your HDB 2-Room Flat Interior Design

Do you reside in a 2-room flat? 2-Room Flat Interior designs are becoming more popular as the population grows and people need to find affordable places to live. 

These designs are not just compact but are also highly configurable and customizable to fit any space. This is a perfect home for you if you love the simple design, space-saving, and small living. A lot can go into just two rooms.

With this clever design, everything in your apartment has been thoughtfully designed to make the most of every inch. There are plenty of ways you can add to your living space that will make it feel bigger. We’ll talk about them here.

A sliding door is your friend

Use the sliding glass doors if you want to avoid any injuries due to slamming on a closed or an open door in your 2 rooms design ideas. Sliding doors are an elegant alternative to the old-fashioned ones, but they’re not all that easy to work.

Because of their quiet operating characteristics, the best sliders on the market are much less likely to hurt themselves during their close encounters than those who must come into contact with each other. You’re less likely to get banged up during close encounters with the best sliders on the market, thanks to the fact that they don’t require any physical interaction. Not to mention their also simple in design but pleasant to the eyes.

Apply a Scandinavian design to your interior

Scandinavian design is an aesthetic trend that has been on the rise in recent years. It’s characterized by clean lines, a simple look, a minimalist style and a color palette consisting mostly of light and pastel hues. It’s no surprise then, that this Scandinavian design is making its way into our minimalist interior design HDB 2-room flat. 

You should use more mirrors

Many interior designers have come up with clever ways to make 2-room flat interior design renovations unique, but they must not forget to impact. Interior Designers use mirrors to create an illusion of a bigger space in your 2-room flat. If you cover the wall with mirror leafs you will look better. It’s easy to change the look of your flat. If you like interiors, you can use mirror-cut feature walls.

Choose the right light

If you’re moving into a 2-room BTO flat, it’s best to keep the visual clutter to a minimum. It really depends on what your space is. If it’s a traditional, neutral living room, you might stick with neutrals and simple style.

You don’t need to be Martha Stewart to decorate with lights for your 2-room BTO renovation ideas. There are so many clever lighting fixtures and false-ceiling solutions that can create dramatic visual effects and make a small space feel more spacious and elegant in a simple way. You can use track lights to create accents, floor lamps for visual décor, and recessed lighting to create drama in your 2-room flat.

Use an open concept in your 2-room flat

In Singapore, the open-floor concept is the most common solution for small-style interior design. It is a concept that has gained recognition as it can make your homes look more spacious. The open floor plan of the living, kitchen and dining areas will visually unify these spaces in a renovated home. The designer has a bit more room to play in the necktie design with this extra circulation space.

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