9 Singapore Kitchen Design Ideas That You Never Thought About

Singaporean kitchens are most often confined spaces, but the creative designers out there make a virtue of this limitation and come up with solutions that allow for the maximum use of space. This article showcases 9 such ingenious kitchen design ideas from Singapore, each one offering an unconventional solution to a common problem in urban living.

Wood works

When it comes to stylish kitchens, a warm theme with wood always works. It has a homey feel to it, but it can also be chic. Consider using space-saving cabinets to keep surfaces clutter-free.

Shiny black

While white is usually the preferred color, a shiny black subway tiled backsplash deviates from the norm. Isn’t it amazing how it brings out the stainless steel appliances? In addition, the gloss and granite factor in this kitchen give it an uptown vibe. For a unified look, keep your appliances and finishing details consistent.

Scandinavian white

White is a great way to instantly make a small kitchen appear larger because it really opens up a space. Minimal details, pairing of white and wood for a Scandinavian, modern feel, are ideal. Install lighting beneath your cabinets for a more upscale appearance.

Black and white

This kitchen’s timeless black and white combination screams bold and beautiful. The modern-style chandelier adds to the room’s overall appearance. This visually appealing kitchen is also an excellent example of space optimization. An island connects the dining area to the kitchen. The island also has storage, making it more functional. This kitchen design is ideal for a small space.

Country style

The open-style kitchen will be added to your favorites list. The classic wooden flooring complements the charming white cabinet doors and pristine white countertop perfectly. The pendant light is a brilliant idea for your HDB kitchen design Singapore. Add these to your design and watch the magic happen!


Don’t you adore the retro vibe of this kitchen, particularly the polka-dotted mosaic floor? A mosaic floor is not only fashionable, but it is also easier to clean and prevents slips. A frosted glass panel door makes an enclosed kitchen appear both functional and beautiful.

Classic white and blue

The most popular colors would probably be dark blue, white, and rustic wood. You can’t go wrong with blue. It’s eye-catching and daring. The color that you will never tire of! Blue kitchens are stunning. Blue kitchens were created to be classy, timeless, and elegant when combined with neutral colors.

Rustic revival

Combining contemporary and classic features in a kitchen is an excellent way to ensure the design’s longevity. To achieve this old-meets-new look, update Shaker cabinetry with modern handles. If the hardware is made of wood, consider repainting it in a trendy color, such as Pantone’s Classic Blue. Finishes commonly found in heritage kitchens include enamel, stainless steel, solid brass, and copper. To avoid an out-of-date appearance.

Home bar

Create a cocktail zone in your kitchen to bring elements of the bar experience home. When you’re holding zoom catch ups with your friends or checking emails on your laptop, a bar counter can also serve as a breakfast nook or an informal workspace. Make a counter with fun bar stools.

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