Tampines Street 86 Interior Design Inspiration

There are 52k HDB flats available for accommodation within the 4.24 km-long Tampines HDB Estate, which is home to 200k people. The Tampines Town Council received all of the residential apartments that had been developed by the Housing & Development Board of Singapore in 1991. The HDB Estate, also known as 113 Tampines New, is renowned for its capacity for self-sufficiency. Rapid industrialisation and an influx of potential investors from throughout the nation have contributed to the region’s flourishing economy. In addition, the region attracts a lot of developers and expats due to the region’s exponential expansion in the rate of land valuation and good architectural development.

This is a Tampines Street 86 Singapore interior design photo inspiration. Their collection features pieces that are affordable, stylish and functional. With an open concept floor plan, the home is designed to give the feeling of spaciousness yet coziness. The Tampines st 86 homeowners wanted a room that was bright, clean and airy, which makes the house feel alive.

3 tampines street 86

113 tampines street 86

1 tampines street 86

111 tampines street 86

113 tampines street 11

3 tampines street 86

113 tampines street 86

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