The Right Choice For Interior Design In Singapore

Are you looking for the right HDB interior design consultancy in Singapore? Well, say hello to the experts in premium interior design services: Interior Times.

The importance of Interior Designing

Interior design for homes is a very special niche. It is very different from office design and someone who doesn’t understand that just cannot be a great fit for an HDB interior design job. Homes are not where you go to work and need a functional space, optimized for productivity. Rather homes are much more personal and act as a place of seclusion from the hectic schedule of work. They are innately private and need a personal touch. They must exude a level of comfort, warmth, and familiarity which we all want from our homes. An ideal home puts your mind at ease and keeps your heart at peace. It helps you relax and unwind instead of focus and perform.

Homes most be sanctuaries with an air of elegance and freshness. Home renovation of a 3 room HDB including interior design –for example, should be heavily influenced by what are the practical concerns of the family. And how they would like to feel when in their home. A great designer takes into account the true and holistic utility of the location instead of just the functional utility.

We should be able to come to a home after a long day at work and not have to be concerned with the quality of materials or the lack of practicality in home design. Especially for places like a 3 room HDB design we want to have a mixture of aesthetically pleasing but functional design. There may not be a huge amount of space to work with but a great design team can make even a small space shine through. It is the hallmark of the thoughtful designer that he takes a small space and still can add pleasing features whether they are visual or physically useful ones. Thus it is imperative to have an interior design consultancy Singapore you can believe in to take care of your needs and have an eye for detail. That’s where we come in!

What aspects should be considered?

Here are some aspects that you should consider before working with any design consultancy:

• Reasonable price: No matter what quality of work we want and what is our end goal. At the end of the day, we all have a budget and we want to stick to it. Too many consultancies just want to bleed you dry because they can. So be careful about making sure you have the right one

• Free Quotation: this shows that the firm is committed to providing value to customers, even before they purchase a service. This facility must be available easily on the company’s website.

• Reliable and trustworthy: what is the worth of a man if his word has no worth? Similarly, you should be able to put faith in your chosen interior design consultancy

• Service first: The firm should not think less of you simply because you have a smaller project like a 3 room HDB interior design or something. A firm’s way of communication with clients is usually a great tell of whether they value you or not

• The right mindset and process flow: If the company does not outline how they will go through the process of going about designing your property then they don’t even know the first thing about design. Steer clear!

• Experience with bigger projects: It is usually a great way to check the customer’s competency of a consultancy if they were able to receive and finish a larger project on time. Commercial customers demand a higher level of professionalism and attention to detail than a private customer in many cases. So to be able to meet those standards says a lot about a consultancy.

• Experience and a track record: There’s something to be said about experience earned through completing projects for several years. Perhaps that it is unmatched and simply cannot be acquired in school

• On the cutting edge: If a Consultancy isn’t constantly updated with the times and the new trends and improvements in the design space, they have probably lost their touch and are no longer worth looking at

• Portfolio and testimonials: It takes a lot of guts and confidence in one’s skills to put up not just pictures of your past projects but also customer testimonials. The fact that a customer took out time to write one for you is itself big praise.

• Not afraid of the technical bits: Design consultancies do real work, and they should be proud of it. Unless they are happy to talk about how they use things like AutoCAD and 3D rendering to give you a great look at what your property could look like, they are not great at it.

• Future outlook: The company’s attention to detail like lighting and the rage of materials they can use in their projects speaks volumes about whether they will be a suitable consultancy to future proof your property and increase its value, both utility wise and financially.

In summary, there are a lot of design consultancies but it is truly a crucial decision as the right choice will not even help you discuss and identify the problems but be able to solve them in budget and on time so they never come up again. We hope you will choose us!