Best Wallpaper Design for Living Room: Inspiration & Tips

If you have recently bought a house, you may be searching for some good inspiration on how to redesign the walls to make it feel more like home. This wallpaper design is a great example of how to transform the look of a room. So, get inspired by this wall covering and see how you can implement some of these ideas on your own walls. 

You don’t have to spend hours on designing your living room wallpapers. We are here to help you. Just have a look at this collection and you will be amazed by the wide variety of designs we have chosen. It doesn’t matter whether your interior is modern, contemporary or classic, you will find your favorite wallpaper design here.

What best wallpaper for the living room

When it comes to living room wallpaper patterns, most people have their own tastes. Others, on the other hand, are unfamiliar with it. This post will assist you in deciding on a basic living room wallpaper design. 

For the living room, patterned or neutral wallpaper patterns are preferable since they are more relaxing and calming. This is particularly true if you want to sleep in late. You don’t want a bright, loud living room wallpaper design since it will wake you up too early. You have spent hours deciding on a living room wallpaper ideas for your new living room. The time has come to choose a Wall paper design for living room and you are not sure what is best.

Benefit living room wallpaper 

Wallpaper is a fantastic method to decorate and style your home’s interiors. They are not only trendy, but they are also relatively economical when compared to other design possibilities on the market. And, as we often tell our readers, the greatest wallpaper ideas for living rooms are no exception. 

Since ages, a basic wallpaper design for living room has been an important aspect of home décor. It adds warmth and comfort to a room that is normally colorless owing to the naked walls. By layering and printing on fabric, a basic living room wallpaper design adds color and flair to the space.

What are the different types of wallpaper

We provide a large selection of wallpapers to suit your aesthetic and functional demands. For a kid’s bedroom or nursery, choose from basic Korean wallpaper designs to complete the minimalistic aesthetic, or colorful and lively patterns from our Japanese wallpaper selection. We offer a variety of designs to pick from, as well as different sorts of wallpapers. 

Exclusive Italian Wallpaper, for example, comes in a variety of textures and includes water-resistant alternatives. The cutting-edge technology behind our Glass Wallpaper, which is made from ultra-thin unique fiber glass yarn, makes it extremely useful for damp spaces like your bathroom, shattering the age-old belief that wallpapers and wet places don’t mix well.

5 Wallpaper ideas for the living room


Looking for a seamless modern design for your living room wallpaper? Monochrome is always a safe bet. Use a strong black and white wallpaper, like this spectacular cityscape, to provide a dramatic backdrop for your scheme. To make your feature wall into a work of art, paint the woodwork black. Add a sprinkling of natural wood furniture and accessories to soften the motif.

Make use of a color scheme

The ancient saying holds that blue and green should never be seen together, but we disagree! Combine any blue with any green (including their sophisticated love child, teal) and you’ve got an easy harmonic mix that’s vivid while yet being quiet and calming. Use a color combination to your advantage.

Rustic scheme

Use a living room wallpaper concept to give a décor plan, like this rustic living room, some personality. To add charm to a cottage living room with exposed wooden beams and low ceilings, choose a stunning design to accentuate the natural aspects of your living room, such as a woodland scene. Choosing a wallpaper design that complements your current décor can give you a subtle yet beautiful look.

Coordinate pattern

To give a genuine wow effect, cover the entire living area in a coordinated design. Make sure the space is large enough to accommodate the appearance, as too much pattern in tiny living room ideas can overwhelm and make the space seem cramped. Consider this excellent example, which features a delicate and subtle design in a mid-tone green on a neutral ground. The pale contrasting backdrop adds brightness to the scheme and keeps it from feeling too dark.

Mid-century patterns

With mid-century living room ideas, colors, and patterns, you may create a retro-fun design. When it comes to 1950s prints, the bolder the better, so take a chance and create a big feature wall in a daring color or pattern. A sleek period-style sofa in a comparable color can help to balance out your wallpaper.

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