6 Design Ideas for Your Wardrobe

One of the most significant advantages of bespoke HDB built-in wardrobes design is that you may size them to meet your exact measurements, which is ideal for compact areas. There’s also more room to fiddle with the interior modules, resulting in a closet that matches your requirements without taking up valuable floor space.

We’ve compiled a list of design considerations to keep in mind, read on to find out more wardrobe design Singapore!

Minimalist Design

One of the most popular types of walk-in wardrobes for HDB flats and condo units is the L-shaped one, with some homeowners opting for U-shaped closets for additional storage space.

If you don’t like clutter, but love having lots of clothes, bags and accessories, an L-shaped design is right up your alley. You get storage space installed on two walls of the room, leaving you enough clear space to satisfy your penchant for anti-clutter.

The reality is that everyone wants a walk-in wardrobe, but not everyone can afford to dedicate a whole room for it. We recommend the L-shaped one, to get the feel of a walk-in wardrobe (with the wardrobe doubling as a partition) while still maximising a limited amount of space.

Shoe and Handbag Fanatic

Have ample space in your home? Unleash your passion for shoes in your walki-n wardrobe! Ifa recommends building a separate cabinet just for shoes. “This will ensure that the odour from the shoes will not cling onto your clothes. Also, handbags can have their own display area atop the shoe cabinet.”Place a small, inexpensive table or cabinet at the entrance of your walk-in wardrobe. Use it to store shoes that you are not wearing on a daily basis. This will ensure that your shoes are well-ventilated and do not smell bad.

Beauty Enthusiast

This one’s for all the beauty junkies out there. A dressing area with plenty of bright lighting – a must for a well-equipped walk-in wardrobe, so that you can see yourself in the best light.

Small Space

Don’t fret if you don’t live in a sprawling house! You can still live your walk-in wardrobe dream with a fail-safe interior design trick, such as mirrors to create the illusion of a larger space. Kevin Foo from Design Profession suggests, “You can add mirrors to the sliding doors to increase the visual depth of the room.” His colleague, Andy Lim adds, “To open up the space even more, you can also install lights in internal shelves.” Anne Chua from Cad Associates ID offers an alternative – playing with colours. “Having lots of mirrors can be quite pricey. A more cost-effective option is to use light colours or other reflective materials. In addition, bright ambiance will create an illusion of spaciousness.”

For the one who’s always on the go

Are you always travelling for business? If so, you’re probably looking for an organized wardrobe that makes it easy to find things. A well-planned HDB built-in wardrobe by professional minimalist interior designer will have space for coats, long dresses, ties, scarves, cuff-links and more. You should also put a safe in the closet to keep important documents and valuable possessions safe.

For the one who wants it all

If you’re looking for the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams, why not go all out to get it? A dressing island or lounge chair will give you convenience in your walk-in wardrobe, while also channeling your best America’s Next Top Model persona. To maximize space, use your island as a storage area with drawers for watches and accessories.

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