What You Need to Know before Planning a Commercial Renovation

It is a fact that a lot of people believe doing a commercial renovation Singapore costs much more money because it also takes more materials and different plans to differ. A commercial construction & renovation designer has to turn old commercial places such as restaurants, offices, salons, and other public and working areas to be fully comfortable and useful for many people, especially giving the best sets of mood for working and for the customers.

What is a Commercial Renovation?

When you think about a commercial renovation, you might think it is a whole reconstruction or even similar to the home renovation startup process. In fact, commercial renovations include updating or remodeling a building that functions as a private business. This means, the designer will not only construct and give the interiors a touch of beauty, but they also guide throughout the process of renovating the building and discuss every little detail with you.

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Checklists before Planning to Do a Commercial Renovation Singapore

So, if you are planning on renovating a commercial building, you need to know these things first.

Seek Advice from Your Employees

If you have a possible renovation commercial property, you need to seek advice from your employees before doing anything that might not come as expected by all the workers. You work as a tem, thus you need to discuss the renovation ideas with all your workers. Because they also understand the ins and outs of the office design, so make sure to have a special meeting that is done regularly.

Remember that You Do Not Have to Renovate or Replace Everything

That is why you need to use the help of a commercial interior designer because if you do not have an interior design background, you might end up renovating everything with such a high cost. But, if you hire an interior designer, you can let him/her take a look at some technical areas of the office that involve plumbing, pipes, ductwork, and electrical systems. Also, she/he will know that some of the whole areas really do not need an update.

Know Your Budget

Set your budget from the very first time and make sure to stick with it until the renovation process is done. Since you cannot rely on ROI to pay for all the things you need for the renovation, you must know that investing in the valuable areas of the project is better than trying to create a perfect office building but costs more.

Choose a Commercial Interior Designer Wisely

Indeed, there are several commercial interior designs that can help you manage the process, but you need to choose one of them wisely. Check the licensing, certificates, reviews from other clients that have worked with them before, and check their portfolios online through their official websites.

Try to check out Interior Times’ website! There, you can see that Interior Times can give you guaranteed works and offer the wow factor with cost effective and stylish designs. Interior Times will also offer design plans regarding your budget and needs, so that we are able to maximize each function of the areas.

Write Everything Down

Similar to doing a renovation for your homes, planning a commercial interior design renovation needs to be realistic, complete, and make sure you do not miss anything while the professionals do the renovation work. This list can include the condition of roof, walls, windows, floors, dampness and rot of some conditions in your building, plumbing, electric systems, and more.

How Much Does It Cost to Renovate an Office Building?

In total, you might need $36,000 to renovate an office building. While commercial renovation costs per square foot calculator is approximately 0. But, do not have to worry, if you choose to work with Interior Times, we will definitely discuss with you regarding the budget you intend to invest in commercial interior design renovation and that the budget will be used wisely with the result of a high quality work!

Interior Times

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