How to Get a House Renovation Permit in Singapore

Do you need to have an HDB renovation permit for your house renovation project? Getting a permit for your home renovation project is a must, but the application process can be confusing. Read this blog to learn more about the permit requirements and what you need to know when preparing your application.

Or perhaps you need to get the permit for your HDB renovation in Singapore? If yes, then you are at the right place. Here we will talk about simple yet important ways to get your HDB permit.

HDB Renovation Permit

Certain works necessitate written approval from HDB, which is provided in the form of HDB renovation permits. These permits will be required before any renovation work can begin. If you do not obtain a permit before beginning the renovation work, HDB will consider it unauthorized work and will require you to restore your flat to its original condition.

Certain precincts with unique designs and special features have additional guidelines that you must follow. Even if you don’t need a permit for the work, you must follow the guidelines that govern it or HDB will ask you to remove it and restore your flat to its original condition.

Keep in mind that the renovation contractor you employ must be registered in the Directory of Renovation Contractors, indicating that they are familiar with HDB’s renovation criteria and are concerned about the building’s structural stability.

HDB Renovation Timing

Your contractor has no control over how long it takes to refurbish a HDB/Condominium. We know, it’s shocking. In fact, homeowners determine the whole duration of a renovation job. Actual HDB renovation timing take only two months. Many HDB and condominium residents in Singapore, on the other hand, delay the process.

There’s a certain flow to follow during a renovation. Here’s a shortcut inforgaphic of a hdb renovation timing in Singapore. Here’s an estimate of how long it takes to renovate different parts of your home.

However, take note that the timeline is just an estimate. Every homeowner’s requirement is different. For example, if a homeowner does not require carpentry services, then we can save 2 weeks of renovation. Or if a homeowner has given us a tight timeline to work with, perhpas they urgently need to move into their new home, then we’ll have to speed up the process.

Furthermore, Singapore’s Housing Development Board (HDB) grants a one month renovation permit, and allows for an extension of 1 month. Of which only three days are allocated for noisy renovation works like hacking of tiles.

HDB Renovation Guidelines

The Housing and Development Board (HDB) in Singapore has gradually introduced some new HDB renovation guidelines for HDB renovation projects. The changes include a reduction in the number of allowable renovations, mandatory fire and anti-flooding measures, and a 20% increase in the minimum lot area. The new rules will also affect the type of materials used during renovation projects.

For many property owners these changes might seem unnecessary or too rigid, but they’re actually a big step towards ensuring safety among homeowners. There’s also a greater chance that renovations will meet the quality standards set by the HDB, so you can rest assured that your home is safer than ever before.

To achieve the above changes, the HDB started conducting studies and surveys to assess how the HDB Renovation Guidelines affect homeowners’ perception and experiences with renovation projects. The studies found that the renovation guidelines helped to ensure the safety of homeowners and tenants, as well as the quality of homes. For example, HDB inspections found that 99% of renovated flats were safe and sound. The guidelines also help to improve the quality of buildings and reduce the cost of HDB maintenance.

It is also important for property owners to understand how to take care of their house during the renovation process. The new regulations say that all renovations must be carried out with the proper materials. For instance, woodwork and ceiling panels must be made of plywood or particle board, and metal roofing panels must be made of steel. These materials are durable and have been approved by the authorities.

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