When Should You Renovate Your Home? Here’s What You Need To Know

While you may think that you have plenty of time to invest in a complete HDB renovation, this is not always the case. When you’re dealing with projects that have a significant impact on your home’s appearance and function, it can become an expensive task that’s best left until later. Not only can you get a lot done quickly when you’re focused on the core aspects of your project, but you can also save money and time by taking the long view. The key is to plan properly and give yourself HDB renovation timing to accomplish all the big tasks before tackling the small ones.

What’s the best time of year to renovate? We want to know what your experience has been with an HDB renovation timing. The building will be closed for about six months while we renovate, so we want to know what your experiences were like in the past. We’ll collect your feedback here and use it to help us decide when to renovate the building.


Renovation timeline

For an HDB resale, this one is fairly obvious as it helps you estimate your move-in date, especially for a resale HDB. Your home renovations could be a big drain on your finances. Get a handle on all the costs associated with it so you’re not surprised by them. This is the main reason why you should be careful about renovating your home or when you renovate your flat in Singapore. 

Find a schedule from your designer/contractor about the delivery of the project. This lets you know when your project is due and gives you a heads up about any potential delays.

Is drilling allowed in HDB renovation?

For HDB drilling timing, the renovation work should be carried out between 2.00 am to 3.00 pm on weekdays and Saturdays which means you have to do drilling in HDB renovation timing. You must wait until Mondays and Thursdays are free to schedule appointments to renovate your flat. People who live next to HDB drilling sites tend to dislike the HDB renovation noise. It’s great that you’re considerate. We all need a little extra consideration from time to time, so we’re trying to drill your head.

It’s okay for heavy, noisy work like demolishing walls, removing floor finishes, and excessive HDB drilling to end at 5.00 pm on weekdays, it’s not allowed on weekends, public holidays, and the eve of major public holidays when you renovate your flat. This way, your renovation permit from HDB should be fine.

Where can I complain about noisy renovation?

For HDB renovation noise rules, if your condo is plagued with non-compliant contractors, tell the HDB’s Building & Development Division on 1800-225-5432 or visit HDB Online for more information or complaints.

Where to stay during HDB renovation singapore?

However, the process of renovating your home will take a long time, and the noisy HDB drilling and unclean surfaces around your home will be a headache to live with. So, thinking about moving out to stay while your house is being renovated can be a fantastic idea, and we’ll show you several places to stay throughout your home improvement project!

Relatives’ house

Another simple alternative is to stay with family or friends who have spare rooms in their homes. Because this is merely a short-term rental while your home is being renovated in Singapore, staying for a few days to escape the HDB renovation noises will not be an issue. This might also be a low-budget option for saving money rather than booking hotels or renting apartments.

Rental house

If your remodeling job will take more than a month or two, or if you have a large family and pets, temporary rental properties may be the ideal option. If you want more space than an apartment or condo can provide, you might search for temporary rental properties.

Hotel suites

You may always remain at an extended stay hotel for a few weeks if you don’t want to annoy your relatives and friends. This will not be cheap, but it will be straightforward. Suites often contain a full kitchen and a large living space, and they offer a relaxing atmosphere. This is also a good option if you want to have a remodeling staycation in Singapore.


This one can be useful if you need temporary housing in Singapore while your home is being renovated. The majority of flats have large and reasonable costs, making them a more cost-effective option for longer-term visits.

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