“Home Decor” Trends in Singapore We Can’t Ignore

Don’t you get a little bored looking at the same four walls and the same view in your house? This month would be a perfect time to start rethinking your home decor Singapore in order to welcome the spirit of 2022. Therefore, you would have enough time to start redesigning and preparing your home decor. You can simply start searching for some inspirations for your home decor by finding out the current home trends as well as future trends predictions.

What are the Current Home Decor Trends?

The interior design in Singapore is always changing throughout time. Every year has its own unique trends that reflect a different style. Even though some designs fade out for various reasons, there are others that resist the changing time. These designs should not be ignored as they could probably serve as your inspirations in finding out what kind of home decor trends that you want to apply to your home. 

Here are several current home decor trends that can inspire you to choose your new year home decor as you welcoming the new year:

Take the Outdoors Inside

The top interior design trends 2021 have been filled with people craving to go outside, but due to the current situation that restricts people from going outside, some interior design agencies vanquish it by bringing the ambiance of outdoor inside your home. Such ambiance is created by adding greenery elements such as houseplants. Bringing houseplants to your room will create soothing and calming effects which could help you reduce stress and freshen up your day.

It is important to consider the space of your home before putting your houseplants in your room. With the right interior design agency such as Interior Times, everything is discussed and planned in advance with our interior expertise. Whether it is a small or wide room space, adding houseplants would not be a problem with Interior Times. 

Multi-functional Spaces

It is strongly predicted that one of the future interior design trends 2030 would be having a multifunctional space in your room. The main purpose of having a multifunctional space is to create a room that would support your productive activities as well as provide an area to relax and play. The current furniture trends that strongly elevate this trend are a folding study table attached to the wall, moveable walls, or creating storage under the stairs.

Creating a multifunctional space can be tricky sometimes. As an award winning interior agency that provides guaranteed works with a reasonable price, Interior Times can help you get the best multifunctional spaces that will improve the long-term usability of your property.

Display Your Personality

Sometimes having an aesthetically beautiful interior design is not enough as it would prevent you from having some sort of connection to your own home. The solution to this sort of problem is by applying Zakka-Style Living. Zakka-Style Living is a concept where you add emotional values to your space through personal items that can spark joy or happiness in your space. On the other hand, it also serves as your self-expression space. 

Still not sure on what kind of home decor trends to choose for your home? Here are the most popular home decor styles that would probably narrow down your choices:

Curved Furniture

Curved furniture is in high demand in the interior design industry Singapore and highly known as interior design trends 2020 UK. Among other curved furniture, two most commonly used in 2021 are sofas and mirrors. Curved mirrors have become mirror trends 2020 until today. These curved furniture will serve as your room focal point and add a dynamic value when all your room furniture and surroundings are in linear or rectangular shape.  

Strong Wood Details

With the growing demands on natural design space, one of the materials that is also in high demand is wood. Current trend regarding the use of wood is by evoking the details in the wood itself. It gives a certain accent to the simplest furniture in your room. What’s new is that this wood material is being used for bed bunk, walls, to stove hands and other cabinetry decorations. The wood details will help compliment not only the furniture but also your room. 

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