Home Renovation Styles in Singapore

Are you planning to renovate your home in Singapore?  Are you confused on which of the many remodeling ideas to choose from?

Singapore is an island that has always been famous for its high standard of living. As a result, many people who live here have spent the majority of their lives in old and shabby houses. However, a new look for your house will increase its value.

If you’re planning on renovating your house to maximize its value, it is essential that you make sure that you don’t get caught up with the wrong renovation style. You will be spending a lot of time and money on this house. So you definitely need to make sure that you pick the right one.

You can spend a fortune trying to find the perfect renovation style or theme for your house. But in the end, you could have wasted a ton of money and still ended up with something that doesn’t even match up to your budget.

If you’re still confused on the types of renovation ideas, now it is time to stop worrying. Here are some of the best renovation interior style design that will surely inspire and help transform your dull and boring home into a stunning one. If you want to make sure you get the best renovation results, then read on…

Traditional Style

Traditional theme is a great option for those who appreciate antiques and its rich design history. Its timeless style makes it a perfect choice for many people who want to create an elegant yet comfortable home.

Traditional design is characterized by a variety of textures, darker wood and rich colours. A traditional home often has a mix of different styles to give it a sense of peace, warmth and order.

When you’re ready to create a traditional style space, make sure you match all the pieces, and pay attention to symmetry. Adding accessories will give the space a lot more life, as well as bring out the details of the room. Some examples of accessories will include candle holders, chandeliers, vases, lamps, etc.

Modern Style

Modern home design is a unique style. It usually includes the use of wood, leather and polished metals. Many modern homes use the use of metal, steel and glass, as well. Because of their shiny fascination, they make the house more lively and luxurious.

There are plenty of ways to create modern interior design. You can use simple colour palettes to bring out the simplicity of your designs. For example, using furniture that’s made of wood and using earthy or brownish colours for the walls or décor. 

Technology also plays a big role in our lives. Hence, choose wireless electronics so that you do not have to worry about cables lying all over the place, thus maintaining a clean and organized look to your room.

Vintage Style

You can use a vintage interior theme in your house to give it a very elegant old-world look. Vintage homes have a timeless old world vibe, but they are never over-adorned.

A vintage style is characterized by the use of old-fashioned items that are visually appealing. You can use old-fashioned furniture in the house or items which have been lovingly handed down from grandparents.

You’ll be surprised to see how simple and beautiful it is to renovate your house using the timeless style of vintage. The key to creating an atmosphere of antiquity and nostalgia is to use neutral colours, and include wood furniture, carpets, mirrors, and paintings.

Scandinavian Style 

Scandinavian is the ideal concept for those who are interested in the clean and minimalist design, primarily those who live in an HDB. It’s a combination of function and beauty, and works well with Singapore’s modern designs and lifestyles. It’s a welcoming idea for anyone who wants a spacious, practical, and easy to maintain home.

The most common elements of Scandinavian style are bright natural light, muted neutral colours, and wood accents. It also brings nature to create relaxing environments. It simplifies and omits the clutter that they don’t need.

If you want to apply this idea for your home renovation, you can use floor-to-ceiling windows and sheer curtains for the natural light. White and grey are often used to make the room look more spacious and classy. Wood is usually applied for flooring, furniture, and decoratives. Don’t forget to bring nature in, you can add indoor plants to make it greeny. Simple decor, such as paintings, illustrations or jars, can be displayed to complete the look. However, in order to keep the space to a minimum to reflect the minimalist and clutter-free properties of Scandinavian style, especially if you live in an HDB, the decor should be kept to a minimum.

Interior Times as your Renovation Partner

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