5 Inspiring HDB Wardrobe Design Ideas

Singaporeans are all about saving space. This is especially so when living spaces can be small and finding homes for the things we love can be tricky business. One of the places we tend to look at to save space would be our bedroom and one of the best ways to save space there is to think about the type of wardrobe design we might want.

Most of us reside in small HDB apartments in Singapore and the dream of having a large and spacious master bedroom may seem out of reach. However, it’s not impossible to achieve! With the right furniture placements, lights and colours, you can renovate your sleeping space to make it appear larger than it actually is.

We’ve gathered some useful and simple wardrobe design ideas to create more space while also improving its functionality! On top of that, we’ve included examples of various design to fit your preferences. 

L-shaped walk-in wardrobe ideas

Can’t find a spot for your walk-in wardrobe? It’s usually a problem for most HDB flat owners. No need to stress. We have the perfect solution for you: L-shaped walk in wardrobe designs! These wardrobes are excellent choices for smaller apartment owners who need more privacy in their bedroom. Thanks to its uniquedesign, it doubles as a partition for your bedroom — perfect if you want more privacy. 

Open concept walk-in wardrobe ideas

A statement piece so good that Vogue would feature it should not be hidden behind closed doors. An open concept walk-in wardrobe is the perfect idea to show off your impressive collection of the latest fashion essentials. Color code your wardrobe for a pretty and organized appearance. This setup works great for rushed mornings, as you can see all your clothing items at a glance.

Adjoining walk-in wardrobe ideas

Have an extra room to spare? Well, you’re in luck! Hack away the walls between the rooms to create an adjoining walk-in wardrobe for your HDB flat. This method ensures ample space for the shopaholic’s newest collections and gives you more room to play around with your home interior. You can even practise your catwalk in this walk-in wardrobe! We love how this adjoining walk-in wardrobe idea also helps to make your master bedroom look larger than it actually is.

Bomb shelter walk-in wardrobe ideas

Not all hope is lost if you can’t seem to squeeze room out of your walk-in wardrobe. If you own a bomb shelter, why not convert it into a storeroom? In this small space, it’s important to keep in mind that changes to the walls, floor slab, ceiling, and steel door are not allowed by HDB rules to make any alterations to the walls, floor slab, ceiling and steel door that may ‘weaken or damage the structural elements of the bomb shelter’. So, be mindful when you’re adding in more storage solutions to this small space

Enclosed walk-in wardrobe ideas

Go ahead and explore this enclosed walk-in wardrobe idea if you’ve got more room to spare in your master bedroom. As its name suggests, this design involves building a partition made of glass panel or a temporary wall to section off the wardrobe from the rest of the room. With the partition, you now have more corners to work with and can set up additional storage solutions if necessary.

Aside from these creative hdb wardrobe design ideas, we’ve got more ways for you to switch things up at home. It is not that hard to create the hdb wardrobe if you consult it with InteriorTimes. We will give you detailed perspective drawings regarding the style of wardrobe that you wish to own!

Have a discussion regarding the Singapore hdb wardrobe design that you intend to have for your HDB flat! with InteriorTimes, we can provide you with budget planning based on your own budget, propose space planning, and more!