Singapore Home Design: Tricks to Make Your Home Look Bigger

Do you live in Singapore and have a home that you feel is outdated, cluttered, cramped, and ugly? Do you think about decorating it but have no idea where to begin?

When it comes to decorating our home, we all have a general idea of what we want. But as soon as we actually have to pick out the pieces and decide how to put them together, we become so overwhelmed. This is especially true when you’re trying to decorate a small home.

When you are designing a home, there are a lot of things to think about. How big should your room be? What kind of lighting should you have? Particularly when you own a small home: How much storage space do you really need?

In this article, We’re going to show you how to transform your small and cramped living space into the room you’ve always wanted it to be. You’ll learn some simple tricks that can make a huge difference to the way your home looks, the way it feels, and the way you feel about yourself in the morning.

So if you want to finally make a big change to the way your home looks, then read on…

Pick a Colour

The home is a space in which you spend most of your time and so it’s important to have a space that is relaxing and pleasant. The very first consideration when you design your space is to choose the right colours because they play an important role in creating a mood in your room.

You can choose light colours to create the illusion of more space. Paint the wall with white, or any neutral colours such beiges, light greys, or pale yellows. Using lighter colours on your walls makes the light bounce around the room making your room feel more spacious.

After that, if you’re satisfied with your simple wall paper design for living room, you can go to the next step of decorating. But, if you want your room to look more captivating, you may like to add the feature wall. You can choose from a variety of feature walls to match the colour you have chosen. Choose a feature wall that contrasts with the rest of the room. If your walls are beige or white, choose a feature wall that is a different colour.


Home flooring has a huge impact on the size of the room, so you want to make sure you choose the right colour and type of floor for your home.

It is recommended that light colours be used on the floor. Just like walls, light colours on the floor also give the same reflecting effect and make your room look more vast. They brighten and open up the room giving an illusion of a wider space.

Wood also can be an amazing option for your home floor. There are many types of wood flooring you can choose from. They range from a hardwood to a laminate. Depending on your taste, you can choose any of them. You can even install them in your home. They can be easy to maintain, as they are easy to clean.

In addition to making your home look stunning, you can have a carpet to give it a cosy atmosphere. Stick to a light colour for a spacious-looking room and avoid heavy patterns because they give a cluttered look to your room.

Layout Design

When designing your home, it is important to consider the placement of your stuff. You can imagine where to put your bed, your wardrobe, and your desk. After that, you’ll need a pencil and a piece of paper to sketch your layout design.

When planning the layout for a small home, you should start with the position of the bed. You can place your bed in the corner to save floor space. Wherever you place your bed, it should be in a position that allows easy access to the other areas of the room.

When you’re done with your bed, it’s time to consider how much space and budget for your storage. It is essential to choose the right furniture for your small home without breaking your bank account. You also have to consider the furniture that matches your home shape so you can place them without wasting a single space.

Bed Choices

When choosing a bed, don’t just focus on how it looks; choose one that best suits your needs. Do you need a single bed? Or do you need a bed for two people? How much space does it take?

If you own a wide room, of course it is not a problem to pick a king-sized bed. But how about a small home? You still have many bed choices. You can solve your storage dilemmas by having a storage bed. It is a bed with drawers on the bottom that can give you a second wardrobe without taking space of your precious floor. If you need extra room for yoga, a Murphy bed is a perfect choice. Or when you hopelessly need more floor space, a lofted bed is the best solution, and then you can tuck a bookcase or a shoe rack underneath it.

Furniture Decisions

There are a few things to consider when furnishing a home. Make sure the furniture fits the room in which it lives by avoiding a heavy, large bed and dresser for a small home because it undoubtedly will make your area more cramped. Choose items with delicate or light-colored frames so that the space doesn’t visually feel too heavy and dark.

To make your home more calm and roomy, you can add plenty of storage to store things out of sight. Choose a bedside table with drawers behind which you can hide your watch, books, or perfume bottle. For more storage, choose a skirted table or a small dresser with drawers.

If having heavy and small furniture is avoidable, the illusion to make it look spacious is by placing a floor mirror opposite to natural light sources or making sure some of your stuff has the same colour as your walls.

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