How to Hire a Professional Interior Design Company

When you just bought a new space or maybe you are bored with your old design home, you probably need to renovate your Looking for an interior design company Singapore might not be easy. It will cost you most of your time. But, if you can choose the right one that fits your style, for example, Interior Times, it will be worth your time. 

If you are looking for a professional to help you design or redesign your space, here are some tips from us you can consider before hiring one. 

Reasons to Hire an Interior Designer


There is always a good interior designer Singapore. But the question is, where can you find it? Or Is it worth your money if you hire a professional? Well, hiring an interior designer can give you many benefits. 

The first thing you will get is, of course, an easy way to renovate your space. Doing a renovation project with the help of a professional interior designer not only gives aesthetic touch to your home, but also makes everything easy in arranging the design of your home. 

The second thing you can get when hiring the professional is your purchase in renovation will be controlled and spent properly, based on what you need in your space. Imagine if you do it by yourself without even knowing how much money will you spend for a renovation. 

However, interior designers surely know the exact price you need to purchase for a renovation. They also can help you to create a budgeting list for your home renovation that still fits your style.

Another reason to use the service of an interior designer is they will give you guarantee to create a better space. Professionals will offer you things they expertise to make your room even better because they know exactly what you want and they can provide you with some design you might like for your room. 

Wise Ways to Choose an Interior Designer in Singapore

Explore Several Interior Firms

Always remember that checking the background and profile of the interior designer you are about to hire is very important. You need to know if the professional has a good reputation by looking at their testimony on the internet. 

Research Their Signature Style

You also can ask how many projects they have done to see how close your home design style fits the company’s style. No matter how big or small the popularity of the design firms, if you hire the one that has the same style and philosophy as you, then you should definitely get it.

Find the Experienced One

You can find the experienced one by checking their award winning stuff or any project they have done. From this, you can also see what kind of service they will provide to your renovation. For instance, you have to know if interior design includes furniture if you will hire a professional. Not only that, you also have to know how much interior design fee per square meter.

Cost to Hire an Interior Designer 

Some different stuff can be purchased based on building condition, home materials you are looking for, and of course, the affordability. The cost of remodelling your four-room HDB is about $55,000. But you can still make your home for around $15,000 to $20,000 if you can negotiate with the interior designer. As a Singaporean, you should have an interior design deposit for the future. 

If you are wondering about your 4 room resale flat renovation cost, will it be too pricey or not? Or maybe some of you also wonder how much the BTO interior design price, everything will be easy once you hire the professional. However,the type of housing and its scale are not the only elements that influence the cost of hiring an interior designer, but also interior design consultation fee Singapore.

Additionally, each interior design firm has its own pricing structure design fee for interior designer, and that might include a flat fee, an hourly rate, a pre-fixed rate, or a “percentage over cost” rate.

Get the Best Look of Your Home with Interior Times

Interior Times will help you to transform your best vision of your space. We are always excited to see the best dream you have about remodelling your space. As an award winning design firm with experienced crews, we provide cost-effective and elegant ideas only for you.

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