Singapore Bedroom Ideas: How to Design a Vintage Style Bedroom

Have you ever seen a room with a lot of vintage styles?

Have you ever been in a room where all the furniture looks old? The floor is probably old and stained, the walls are cracked and the bed looks like it was made in the ’80s? Do you ever think of decorating your room with vintage style, but just don’t know how?

For many people, the bedroom is their sanctuary. It’s where they go to get away from the hustle and bustle of the world outside. And sometimes, they get bored of their room and want to remodel it with a new style. Vintage style is indeed such a good choice. However, because of how much time and money it takes to redecorate, many people think that they can’t afford it. But, they are wrong. This is one of those things that is easy to do on a small scale. 

In this article, I’m going to show you simple tips on how you can create a gorgeous vintage-style bedroom for yourself, even if you have a small budget.

So if you want to design a gorgeous vintage bedroom now, then read on…

Pick Colours

When decorating a vintage room, replacing bold and vibrant hues with soft, gentle hues is a great way to give your room a more relaxing mood. To complement your decor, choose colours like cream, white, pastel pink, soft-peach, lilac, or pastel mint green. Choose any colours you like and combine them together.

To give a more vintage vibe to your room, you can consider wallpapers for your walls. Wallpapers are a great way to make the room look more unique and appealing. They will be the first thing you see in the morning and they can also add an extra touch of beauty to your room. Patterns with prints of flowers, leaves, and any other nature-inspired designs will give your room a more serene and elegant feel.

Lighting Equipment

Light up your rooms with a sophisticated and refined vibe. It’s time to change your futuristic and modern-looking in-built overhead lights to table lamps, floor lamps, or wall lights. Table lamps and floor lamps come in soft fabrics, tassels, and pale colours to create a gentle and elegant environment. The wall lights are made with sturdy metals that give off a rugged and rustic vibe. With many exciting alternatives, you can mix them or choose any of them depending on your personal taste. After that, the satisfaction will surely land in your eyes.

Floor and Bed

A bedroom with a vintage style is about soft materials and lines. They combined together to make you feel comfortable, romantic, and nostalgic. To create these atmospheres, you can start from the floor. Use wooden floors with natural light colours. In addition, you can also put in carpets or rugs. They reduce noises and provide softness to your foot. Whether you need a big or a small carpet, it depends on the size of your bedroom layout. Although, of course, it’s your decision to choose. Even if you have a wide bedroom, you still can pick a small rug if you want to place it only underneath your bed.

Bed can also be wooden. But, the best choice, of course, lies on a gold or bronze iron bed since it’s adjusted with vintage style. If you have a budget issue, you still can give your lovely bedroom a vintage vibe by using bed covers or blankets with nature-inspired patterns such as flowers, leaves, or animals.

Mix and Match

If you were asked to describe vintage, ‘old’ might be the perfect fit. However, when you decorate your bedroom with a vintage style, you can be as creative as you like! You can combine furnishings and decor in any way you prefer. Not everything in your room has to be old. You can mix your ancient pieces into new modern ones and make them look aesthetic since aesthetics is the distinctive key of a vintage charm.

Ornate mirrors, antique jewelry boxes, and perfume bottles can be used for an authentic vintage interior. Hang your grandma’s old necklaces on a wall rack. A gallery wall of polaroids also can be a good option in decorating your bedroom.

If you don’t have any ancient stuff for your room’s decoration, you still can find gorgeous vintage treasures in flea markets or second-hand shops. However, if you have a small budget for creating your dream vintage bedroom, you can do your own DIY vintage furniture or decorations. You don’t need a ton of money. All you need are some simple supplies and a few ideas. You can turn your small and old suitcases into cabinets. A rustic birdcage can beautifully turn into a nightstand lamp. Change the use of your ancient coffee pot into a flower vase.

Everything is up to you. The limit is only your imagination. Don’t be afraid to be bold with your own bedroom design ideas!

More Ideas With Interior Times

You may be thinking that designing a vintage-style bedroom seems like an impossible task. However, as you can see from these tips, it’s easier than you may think to create the perfect vintage-inspired bedroom. In fact, Interior Times has a lot of other design ideas on our blog that could appeal to your sense of nostalgia!

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