Inspiring Singapore Renovation Ideas to Make Your HDB Flat More Functional and Beautiful

When it comes to creating a better home, many people feel that they don’t have much choice. You either live in an older and run down HDB flat, or in a posh neighborhood that is far away from everything and costs a fortune.

A beautiful home is a home that’s filled with joy, love and peace. You can achieve this by giving your home a facelift. Whether you live in an HDB flat or a free-standing house, it’s important to make your home more attractive and comfortable. With your family, friends and guests around, it’s also important to have a space that feels inviting and comfortable. However, if you’re not the kind of person who likes to spend money on home improvements, that’s okay! We have a collection of inspiring HDB renovation ideas for you to try out, and they won’t cost you a penny.

The importance of HDB renovation in Singapore

The main reason that HDB apartments are always in demand is that they’re subsidized and cheaper than other kinds of homes. Another thing that makes the HDB apartments a great choice is that they’re relatively more spacious than those of other apartment options. So, the fact that Singaporeans love the HDB apartments isn’t surprising at all. However, there is one thing that you may not have realized about the HDB apartments, the renovation that’s been going on for a few years. 

HDB renovation timing

When renovating your home, HDB renovation timing is everything. As much as we like to think that we can do things at our convenience, there are still practical constraints which can prevent us from doing so. That’s where a contractor is going to come in, to make sure you’re getting the most value for your money.

HDB renovation permit

The HDB renovation permit is a document that helps you understand the HDB policy on how to renovate your apartment and what the procedure is to apply for a HDB renovation permit. The HDB will give a deadline for the completion of the work.

Inspiring Singapore HDB renovation ideas

Wooden walls

This HDB renovation concept appears to be a lounge or entertainment room. Everything about the interior, from the dark smokey wooden walls to the wood-paneled speakers, is sure to impress guests the moment they walk in. The walk-in closet is a highlight, with a full-length mirror and dresser that add to the sense of luxury.

Japanese art

Second Singapore renovation ideas are Minimalist Japanese-themed houses are all the rage right now. However, this home takes the Japanese inspiration a step further by including a tatami table set instead of a dining table. The use of bamboo blinds as a room divider creates a truly oriental atmosphere. Considering it’s only a two-room apartment, the kitchen is quite large and has plenty of counter space. Choosing a glass partition for the kitchen also helps to create an open space that isn’t claustrophobic while still separating the rooms.

Minimal use of colors

It is not easy to adopt a simple and sleek décor with minimal color use, but you will be glad you did once you live there. Some Singaporeans would consider the fuss-free and easy-to-clean interior to be their ideal home.

Dark and moody

The gray and walnut brown color scheme makes the room dark and moody. To avoid boredom, interesting storage features were placed on the connecting walls for a modern-masculine look.

Brick walls

Last HDB renovation ideas are the brick walls and pops of color have been artistically adapted to create an uncannily similar look. Other show elements are subtly incorporated into the house, such as the bold green of the Central Perk logo being used as the wall color. With inspirational quotes, this abode is ideal for relaxing Singapore renovation ideas  with your own inner circle.

Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start when it comes to HDB renovation. You want something that’s stylish and functional, but you’re not sure what will work well in your space.

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