Top 10 Tips on How to Decorate Your Condo Interior Design

Have you just invested your money in a condominium and still need a professional’s help to create a perfect condo interior design Singapore, the one design that you have been dreaming of? Well, if you surely think that your condo needs renovation, then you have come to the right article where it will discuss tips on renovating a condo!

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How Do You Design a Condo Interior?

Are you confused about searching for condo interior design ideas, 1 bedroom condo design ideas, luxury condo interior design ideas, or else? Look no further, here, you will find out 10 tips to plan your condo interiors!

Maximize Each of the Space

If you need a small condo design Singapore, first things first, you must try to maximize your condo space. The best ways are to reduce the decorations that are not too useful, have hidden cabinets or elevated shelves for the small kitchen design Singapore, make a room appear more spacious by having lines run across your ceiling or using a color that matches with the floors.

Kitchen Island

You can consider getting a kitchen island that is just not for a good design show, but also a practical option in some ways such as functionality, aesthetic, and eye-catching. In fact, kitchen islands can be available for cooking and dining areas at the same time when they are really needed. You can just sit and chat at the buffet table and make use of the kitchen island as an alternative instead of having a huge dining table.

Theme is the Center Attention

Your homes should represent your overall personality, including showing the things you enjoy in your life and make them as a style of which people firstly look at until they can say like ‘Oh, this is so you.’ What you need to do is keep the basic color palette. You can go with a cozy outcome by having warm tones for the color theme, textures, and details.

Plus, you can expand your creativity by putting out a different theme in different areas just to freshen everything up. For example, a splash of warm colors for your 2 bedroom condo interior design Singapore, boho style for a 3 bedroom condo interior design Singapore, or even an industrial interior design look for the whole areas in the living room and kitchen.

Color of Walls

Truth is, soft, light, and warm colored walls can act as better reflectives spaces for natural lights. Meanwhile, dark-colored walls can result in a sense of depth to the home. But, try to replace a much darker color with a lighter one, because being too dark can give you a gloomy and oppressive effect.

Multi-Functional Furniture

This is one of the most important things when looking for interior design ideas for small condo. Save a lot of space in your condo by installing multi-functional furniture such as hidden storage under bed, walk-in wardrobe that is separated to bedding by a wall for hanging racks, multi-functional vanities, kitchen islands, multi-functional mirrors, and more.

Clear Lines of Sight

Use lighter furnishings e.g. transparent wardrobe, shower, tables, glass surfaces and hanging shelves that are assembled from the ground to open up space. If you prefer to use dividers to section your rooms, try to get thinner ones that will appear sleeker and less bulky.

More Light, More Life

Install large windows and mirrors to reflect more light to your space. A small condo can look much wider if you use these elements. And, do not forget to use a light-colored or natural-colored theme for your walls and floors.


A lot of not useful decorations probably make your space look miserable and turn out less comfortable. But, you can minimize the use of decors by adding paintings, prints, plants, and mirrors. Plants can be so exciting and relaxing at the same time if you use the small ones to freshen up your homes!


Carpentry will help create the look and fulfills the design theme that you are interested in. Plus, a carpentry is able to save you much space by squeezing stealthy (hidden) storage areas. You can use this carpentry to build multi-functional things such as shelf compartments under the kitchen island.

Choose Your Interior Designer!

Lastly, choose your interior designer based on your needs, ideas, and budget. Although there are several great designers, you can contact Interior Times and get the best condo interior design Singapore! With Interior Times, we will have everything planned, prepared, and optimized to ensure the job comes out exactly as was intended and discussed with you. Plus, we will offer you a reasonable price that is accessible and flexible to suit your every needs!

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