5 Interior Design Styles to Choose for Your HDB Unit

Striving for a stylish HDB interior design? You can turn your home into something delicate with HDB interior design Singapore. The common initial step to do prior to a renovation performance, you have to determine what renovation aspect that you prioritize. Is it the color scheme? the function? or is it the style?  If it’s style and you are still confused about finding the best style that is right for your home, you’ve come to the right place!

Choosing styles for your HDB BTO can be very tricky and not all ID companies in Singapore can properly externalize the styles that you desire. However, with Interior Times, you can always make your dream home come true! The variation of helpful service will be beneficial for creating a cozy home that is appropriate to your taste and lifestyle. We also provide a 4 room BTO flat design layout or any types of HDB.

You’ve been saving pins on your Pinterest and still get lost in finding the right home style? We’re here to help you! Down below, we have compiled 5 interior design styles to choose for your HDB Unit.

Mediterranean Attitude

A modern mediterranean-themed is the most recommended style from 5 room HDB interior design ideas. Your dream of a fun-modern HDB look can come into realization if you combine your taste with the mediterranean concept.

For a total mediterranean renovation, you have to pay an extra budget for the carpenter because it’s all about wood. A customized under-bed drawers, reading table and other furniture will give you the benefit of the real mediterranean style. If you wanna go all out, paying more for the carpentry will give you any remorse.

The Brilliant Victorian

Giving your abode with classical touch would never hurt you. However, it will hurt your pocket. But, don’t worry! You can obtain a cheap victorian-themed interior HDB design with Interior Times! Interior Times is here to give you affordable packages that you can always sign. With one purchase of a package, you can get your victorian home!

The idea of victorian style HDB is a dream of every single one of you who are rooting for the classic and classy vibe of the 18th century. To create a vintage look for your HDB, you can decorate it with dramatic furniture and some old paintings.

Victorian style is also about elaborating the garden, but due to the fact that you live in an HDB, you can still give your interior design a garden-y touch with artificial plants and flowers! Additionally, victorian style is also suitable to be 3 room HDB interior design ideas.

Scandinavian Elegance

We found it unsurprising that many Singaporeans are into a scandinavian style. This inspirational theme is one of the recommendations form 4 room HDB interior design ideas because of its elegance and simplicity that is suitable for the space. A minimalist 4 room HDB design can also look more magnificent with this type of design!

Swift lines and soft colors are the characteristics of this style. Such a concept can be very fascinating for workaholics who are coveted for a delightful rest due to the relaxing view that the design gives.

European Pop

Your HDB unit can have a look of a modern european style with framed walls and a little touch of bronze in the living room. HDB living room design ideas for european-themed interior include a decoration of mini to medium sized artificial plants and soft color.

To avoid a boring look on your HDB, enhance bright and contrasted colors to pop the room. Thank us later after you find how elegant your HDB unit will be!

The Breeze of Minimalist

Minimalistic probably the safest 4 room HDB renovation ideas because this style is simple as well as facile to apply to any types of HDB. The potential of getting rid of cluttered space that this design style gives will satisfy every clean freak. If you’re into simple living, then a minimalist home is something that is worth a try.

A minimalistic-themed home can be your top choice of interior design because practically, this design does not require much effort. With the combination of metallic and wood elements, you can easily gain a magnificent minimalist home! Minimalist also has become one of the 4 room HDB resale renovation ideas since the edginess this style presents is suitable for the HDB size.

Applying an interior design style that is proper to your personality can be very challenging. However, it is also a fun activity to do because you will no longer be in a quandary choosing the appropriate style for your HDB!

Interior Times for a Timeless Interior Design

If you’re having a dream home style in mind, we’re all ears and we will make it come true. We maintain good communication and professional work. Your lifestyle and needs are our top priority. With Interior Times, you will get beneficial services such as space planning, design consultancy and many more! Contact us now or visit us at 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #01-08, Link@AMK 569139, Singapore!